Kali Linux Hacking tutorials: The Complete training

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If you just installed Kali Linux or You want to become an Ethical Hacker then you come to right place. In this article, I have covered Kali Linux tutorials for beginners to become advance user.

After installing Kali Linux successfully you will face one big problems like

  • where to start learning it
  • How to use it

Everyone face these problems even me But after covering these tutorials you have ability to make own tutorials or understand every tutorials available on the INTERNET

You just need to follow this post step by step.


  • Internet connection
  • Passion
  • Computer

OK, here are articles that you should read in sequence.

How to become a hacker

Hacking For beginners step by step

Do you want to Become a Hacker? I know you that’s why you are here That’s why I write this post for you to learn how to hack for beginners. Ok in this post we will talk about some basic hacking, networking terms you should know. Let’s start without wasting time. Hacking terms you must know Phishing: basically, phishing is a way to hack online accounts (like Facebook, Gmail) by making fake login page similar to an original login page. When you open a phishing page it looks like an original page, for example, see this screenshot Do yo think it is

installing kali linux

How to install Kali Linux step by step [all ways]

Welcome to the second chapter In this we will discuss installing Kali Linux If you don’t know what is Kali Linux? It is operating system used by hackers because it has all software that needed in Hacking. It is free and open source Installing Kali Linux is some complex for beginners here is the full post to know how to fix it. You can dual boot with windows or install it inside the window known as virtualization. No more words let come to point How to dual boot with Kali


Basic Kali Linux commands for Hacking

Hope you have installed Kali Linux in virtual box or using any other way. In this lesson, I am talking about basic commands in Kali Linux, not all only that you needed in starting a + free source of learning all Linux commands. Before commands, I want to introduce you Terminal. The terminal is software as commands prompt available is window operating system. Linux works on command system, hacking also. You can open terminal from the sidebar as shown in the screenshot. To understand File directory of Linux is important. Directory mean folder root is the Main directory of Linux it is shown denoted

how to hide Ip adress

How to Hide your Identity/IP over the internet

In this lesson, we well talk about how can you hide your identity/browse anonymously or Change Ip address There are several ways to hide or change your Ip address in Kali Linux Using proxychain Using Vpn Make sure you visit hacking for beginners to know how proxy and VPN are working. In this method, you change IP address by going the number of proxy as wish as you want. Kali has a proxy file you have to edit your working proxy manually. Proxychain is working by three ways. Static: by default it is static. In this system is go all proxy. If

How to hack wifi with kali linux

How hacker hack wifi and Protection

Now, day’s we can’t imagine our life without the internet. Wi-Fi is the most popular internet connection. That’s why Hack WiFi is most popular on Google trends from hacking. In this post, I am guiding you about how can you hack and secure your wifi. Here is the basic guide for beginners. Here I have mentioned working methods of wireless network attacks and also mention software. I always prefer Kali Linux operating system for any hacking. Kali has preinstalled all tools that are needed in wifi hacking like aircrack-ng (best software to crack a wifi). No doubt some software also available for

getting start with metasploit

Metasploit Tutorial for beginners: Master in 5 minutes

In this post, we will talk about the Metasploit framework. I am sure you have enough heard about Metasploit and maybe still confuse what is this and how to use it? It is framework mean it is the collection of number of Softwares. You can gather information, make malware, hack FTP, hack Android, and many other things. You will know when you use it. It is pre-installed in Kali or parrot OS. It has paid and free version. Off course, Kali has a free version. Not only in Kali you can install it in the window too. Metasploit is also integrated

After reading all this, you have some hacking skills here are some pdf about Kali Linux Hacking which you should read

Web penetration testing with Kali Linux:

I like this book here a detailed guide about website hacking from information gathering to exploiting. Here are not only Kali tools also some other tools like websites for the collection of information which is helpful. Here is explained all attacks like SQL INJECTION, XSS, Exploiting server flaws, Authentication & Hijacking techniques are described. You can download it free or buy from Amazon at $3.92

Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux:

For beginners, this is the best source. It will teach you from starting like kali overview, Metasploit Tutorials, Information Gathering, Exploiting Windows and Linux, wireless attack, password hacking techniques and security tips for your network, etc.
Buy from Amazon Amazon

Mastering Kali Linux for advanced penetration:

As evident from this book name, it is for masters. Here is physical security, social engineering, web services and attacking network direct end user are explained very well. For those who want to make the career in It Security, it is the best to book.

Buy from Amazon

Further steps to become master in Hacking

Subscribe to my blog: My primary niche of my blog is Hacking So make sure you subscribe to my blog. After subscribing my blog, you will receive a link to Hacking course (100% off). Make sure you complete it.

Networking: networking is an important part of Hacking. On the internet thousands of thousand blog available to learn networking.

Tools.kali.org: this is a website for learning the use of any Hacking tools visit it daily and learn something new.

Websites you should visit:

Besides tools.kali.org there are some websites/blogs related to Hacking. Some of them which you should visit daily are here

Null-byte: today this is no. Blog In Hacking/pen testing niche. I visit daily null byte also available forums to ask question

Github: On Github, you can find scripts of any language related to anything like keylogging, etc.

Now you know your path to become a Pen tester.

If you have any suggestion related these Kali Linux tutorials then you can mention your suggestion using comments.


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