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Table of contents

  1. Prerequisites for getting started with this course.
  2. Basic hacking terms you will want to know getting started.
  3. Build your hacking environment!
  4. Set up instructions for Mac users ONLY
  5. How to create a bootable USB of Kali Linux ( optional )
  6. Updates: How to install VirtualBox on Fedora 22 + Kali Sana VM ( OPTIONAL )
  7. Linux Terminal including basic functionalities and CLI.
  8. What is Tor? How can you use it to protect your anonymity online?
  9. ProxyChains for using proxy servers, hiding your ip, and obtaining access.
  10. What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and how you can stay anonymous with VPN?
  11. What is a macchanger? How can you use it to change your mac address?
  12. Footprinting with Nmap and external resources.
  13. Attacking wireless networks. Overview of the tools.
  14. Breaking WPA/WPA2 encryption. Wifi hacking and wifi hacker training.
  15. Signal jamming and denial of service.
  16. SSL strips.
  17. Let's have a bit of fun!
  18. Evil twin method! Clone wireless access points to steal data.
  19. Attacking routers to give you free reign over the entire network!
  20. DNS setting hacking to redirect users with post authentication exploitation.
  21. Website attacks with SQL injections.
  22. Brute-forcing methods for cracking passwords.
  23. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks demonstrated and explained.
  24. Reverse shells. Gain remote control of any device!
  25. Make your own Keylogger in C++