Android version journey in Single image (Cupcake 1 to Pie 9)

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Android version journey in Single image (Cupcake 1 to Pie 9) 1

How Many of You Remeber Old android phones and there features. Today 2.3billion+ people’s use this operating system. Here in this article, I will brief explanation about every android version. From Cupcake to Pie. In the earlier days Android is created for the camera but later on, Google bought this and start using for Mobile phones. […]

All Video Downloading Apps for Android (updated 2019)

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video downloader

Best video downloading app for Android is the best need of the hour. There are so many good applications like Vidmate, Download Manager and AVD. Many Android users wonder and look for the best video downloading an application that may directly download the videos from different social media sites (especially YouTube) and from some other […]

123 Funny Wifi Names: Names that you can’t find anywhere else

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Funny wifi name

Wifi Names are visible to everyone. it is also known as ssid names. IF you are confused or still unable to find wif Name then doesn’t worry here in this article you will get a list of Best Funny Cool wifi Names. I created a list of Most Funny WiFi Names I hope you will […]

DDos Attack: Types, Tools, Stop: Everything you Need to know

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ddos attack

The DDOS attack is one of the Best attacks to down a web server or website. In this article, I will share everything that I know about DDoS attack. No matter if you don’t know anything about it. I Will explain everything from scratch step by step The DDoS full form is distributed denial of […]

ThePiratebay Proxy and Mirror websites that are working in 2019

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the pirate bay alternative & proxy websites, mirror websites

How many of you use thepiratebay for downloading Torrent and face downtime.  The pirate bay one of the old Torrent websites. With Huge Database, there is nothing that you can’t get on the pirate bay. But the problem is the downtime. Before writing this article I just Google the pirate bay alternative, proxies. I found that […]