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What opentechinfo is all about

Well, If you

  • Want to become a Hacker
  • Learn Hacking from scratch without any experience
  • Or you want to add a  new skill

then my blog is for  you.

Opentech info was founded on 25th February 2014. It was founded by Harinderpreet Singh.
Our blog aims to provide the best solution in technology tips about Computer, Android, Hacking and other fields of technology.

My blog only guides to people about computer knowledge, not for harm and rights. If you have difficulty in any post, the topic just comment on the post. I am free your problems. you can also ask any other problems on facebook and google plus.

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Little bit about Harinderpreet Singh

Hm, if you want to know about me then you already now. Reading this section means you know about my blog it’s niche and this is my life I am a Computer geek.