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Opentech info was founded on 25th February 2014. It was founded by Harinderpreet Singh.
Our blog aims to provide the best solution in technology tips about Computer, Android, Hacking and other fields of technology.

My blog only guides people about computer knowledge, not for harm and rights. If you have difficulty in any post, the topic just comment on the post. I am free your problems.

If you do anything illegal I’m not responsible for that.

Some most the Articles are suggested by visitors. If you think that there is such which that I did not write a blog article on that then you can contact us. I will provide you a solution by replying you creating a New article (If I know about it)

Opentech Info Get Around 1 million page views per month. 

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About Me (Harinderpreet Singh)

Hi, I founder and manager opentechinfo blog I from Punjabi, India. I live in small village sheikhpura, Bathinda. After +2 I realize that Indian education system is not made for me. I was looking for a better carrier opportunity.

Then I start Reading how to Make money online by Creating a website or Blog. I first created my free blog on Blogspot. It was pcfansblog.blogspot.com

Then I move to pcfanz.blogspot.com then I buy custom domain name pc-fanz (because of pcfanz.com was not available)

After that one day, I was sitting with my Friend who was doing M.tech in my college. He has own web server. So we give we the opportunity that I will provide you one Year free WordPress hosting. (on that time my adsense is approved).

Then he advises me to buy a better domain name because there is – (hyphen in domain name pc-fanz.com) So then I found opentechinfo

After that, I leave that private college and move to govt. College (from where I completed +2) and then everybody is against me.

But in that private college, I don’t have time for blogging. That’s why I decided to go back. (I waste 1 year and start doing B.tech from 1 year)

But I have decided My future.

That was one of the difficult time for me. I was not earning Internet was very expensive for Me. I know I recharge with 96inr 1gb for a month 2gb plan. That was a special offer I get from Vodafone.

But I don’t give up I learn Blogging, SEO, writing etc. Finally, I start making money. That’s is my story.

Now I also started other Blogs and Android apps and one youtube channel.

Harinderpreet singh
It’s me, Harinderpreet Singh


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