Best Google Chrome Extensions: A List of Best one

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Are you a Google Chrome user?

I know most of the use of Google Chrome browser for both device mobile phone and desktop.

In this article, I will write about the best Google Chrome extensions.

No matter in which profession you are. These extensions are useful for every person.

Best chrome extension

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Best Chrome Extensions For Every Person

RescueTime for Chrome and Chrome OS

If you want to save your time then you can use this chrome extension. It is really awesome using this you can find where you spend most of your time I mean which website.

If you want to increase your productivity then give a chance to this extension. Here is the introduction video of this extension.

You can even limit your time that you want to spend on a website.


If you want to control your phone using browser then use this extensio. Using this you can full control your android smartphone.

You can have install pushcrew app in your phone and then you need to link it with your gmail or facebook account. Same way when you install it on the Google Chrome browser then you to link it with an account.

Make sure you use the same account on both devices. After configuring it correctly you can commnicate between android device and computer, Read SMS, View notification.

Using this you can even reply to WhatsApp Messages and transfer photos. If you are on a specific web page just right click anywhere and chose Pushbullet→ Your device. It will automatically send that page link

This extension can be very helpful who wants to increase productivity.

  • Pushbullet Screenshot

EverNote Web Clipper

You know sometimes we read something important on a web page and we want to save it immediately. If you love to create notes then use this extension.

It is very useful. Using this you can save any specific part of any web page.  To use this you can to create an account.

Ever note also apps for other devices like iPhone, Android etc. You will easily get all these notes on your device. Here is Quick Video of ever note functionality.


Do you need daily motivation to do your work or you want to stay positive. Basically, this extension will refresh your mode.

It is download by  3,831,463 users and it has 4.5 rating.  It will Repleace your new tab to a personal dashboard featured to-do etc.

Here are some features of momentum

  1. New Motivating photos & quotes every day
  2. Set a Daily Focus/goal
  3. Track Goals with the todo list
  4. Show bookmarks on new tab
Price: Free
  • Momentum Screenshot

Picmoney Extension

Picmoney is a website for photo editing. Using this chrome extension you can grab an image from any webpage and directly open them in Picmoney website.

You have to enable Flash player to use picmoney website. On the website, there are all editing tools available like Crop, Rotate, Colors, Resize, Touch up tools. It can be very useful for Bloggers like me. Sometimes I grab an image from pixabay and using this I can directly make some small changes to use it on my Blog.

PicMonkey Extension
PicMonkey Extension
  • PicMonkey Extension Screenshot

Grammarly for Chrome

This is my favorite Chrome extension. If you don’t want to make any English mistakes while typing online the use it. See I’m not a native English speaker.

I made a lot of English mistakes while creating new blog article but if you use this It underlines every English mistake that you made.

To use this extension you have to create an Account. No matter Either you are using British English or Either you are typing in American English.

It will work for both.  If you are a pro-Blogger than you can buy a paid version or learn here how to use Grammarly Premium Free.

NO matter which type of English mistakes you are making. Grammar Mistake, Spelling Mistake etc. It will correct your all English mistake.

Grammarly for Chrome
Grammarly for Chrome
Price: Free
  • Grammarly for Chrome Screenshot


Some websites are using So Many ads that will totally disturb user experience.  Sometimes I face this Issue. Annoying Ads everywhere.

Some people don’t care their user experience but they ads everywhere but using the extension you can block all ads.

There are many chrome extension that will help you to block ads but this is number one extension by downloads and rating.

It is really Straightforward. Just Install it.

Price: Free
  • AdBlock Screenshot

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Another useful chrome extension.  It is very useful for security purpose. I see a lot of peoples using the same password every. For some people, it is difficult to remember a strong password.

There is one solution to all these problems that is LastPass. It will store you all password. Using this you can generate a strong password.

You can even store your cards so you will not face any issue while shopping you can fill your payments with one click. Still, last pass is secure enough I did not hear any news about their database is leaked etc.

If you are passwords confuse you then I highly recommend you to use this chrome extension

Boomerang for Gmail

If you send a lot of emails then you can use this Chrome extension. Using this you schedule your emails at any time. In the scheduling, if someone not replies to your email or does not open email it will send email again automatically.

Cool na!

Generally, people open the email in the evenings so using this you can schedule your emails to any date any time.

Checker Plus For Gmail

If you don’t want to open your Gmail, again and again, try it.  Using this you can read your email while working. You can even customize your notification and all other things.

It can really useful who want to do multitasking.

Similar web – Traffic Rank & Website Analysis

If you want to find how much traffic on a website. Use this. See this is not 100% accurate but you will roughly get an idea of how much traffic a website gets.

The not only traffic you can also find main keywords website ranking for,  Main traffic source, competitor etc.

The similar web also has a paid version. You can try it too.

TinEye Reverse Image Search

Sometimes we find a fancy image and we find to real the destination of that image. I mean who click it etc. In that case you can use this extension.

Using this you can find from where an image came from.


Do you want to cut your distraction then try it.  Using it you can limit your time want to spend on a website like a facebook etc. You can block websites.

Sometimes we want to block a website but there is something useful.  Using this you can block a specific URL of a website.

It can be helpful if you unable to control yourself.  You can block porn websites and other useless websites.

Price: Free
  • StayFocusd Screenshot

Screecastify – Screen Video Recorder

If you are thinking to spend money on a video editor they try this. Don’t think like it is an only chrome extension. Using this you can record your Browser, Desktop and webcam

You can record webcam with Browser or Desktop. You can fully customize your recording like enabling Microphone, Drawing things while recording etc.

Here is a Quick video about this chrome extension check it out

IT has both a free and paid version. Paid version price is $24 per year.

Privacy Badger

If you are serious about your privacy then try this. Using this you can block websites that are tracking you. It will automatically block codes that Track your position.

It is used by 915,985 users it has 4.5 rating.

Privacy Badger
Privacy Badger
Price: Free
  • Privacy Badger Screenshot


We want to save money while shopping online. Honey is free chrome extension that will automatically find and apply coupon while shopping.

There are alternative to honey but I have found it best one. It is one of the most useful chrome extension.  If you shop online then try it.  Saving little money can be huge. If you continuously save you money.

Price: Free
  • Honey Screenshot

Toolkit for FB by PlugEx

It is All in one toolkit for Facebook. I mean using this you can invite all of your friends to like your page with one click, Add all friends to a Facebook group, Click All Like button, Accept all friend Request at once, Post in multiple Group at once, Sending a message to all Facebook friends at once etc.

It has both free and paid plans. Some features are limited in the free version so you can try paid version.

Photo Mania is a great website for adding effects to your photos. You can use their android app too. You can directly add any online image to photomania editor.

Watch this video

Price: Free
  • PhotoMania Screenshot

Stylish – Custom themes for any website

Using this you can design any webpage according to you. Not only designing you can pick any theme from thousands of pre-made themes.

If you want to make own design then you need to learn CSS. Websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, and other famous websites have pre-made in themes. You can pick anyone

Tab Resize – split screen layouts

If you are in the Industry you can compare things generally then try this. It will automatically resize your tab depending upon how many times.

It will automatically adjust size. Here is the quick video

CrxMouse Chrome™ Gestures

If you want to personalize your mouse while browsing then use this. You can Create your own Mouse shortcuts with the help of this.

Either open a specific website your open new link in new tab, You can even adjust scrolling speed.  Basically, You can create own mouse gesture.

Here is the Quick Video. Check it

Hotspot shield VPN Free Proxy – Unblock Sites

Over the internet, every country has own rules. You will find that every country blocks some websites like China block facebook, twitter etc.

Almost every country block torrent websites. If you want to unlock websites then you can use VPN or proxy site.

Sometimes you are using office, college network and that authority block youtube, facebook etc. But using this you unlock almost any website.

Basically, these VPN change your location. So You can browse any website.

Hotspot one of the oldest VPN. It is pretty famous. Try it.


Another free VPN which can help you unblock any websites you want. It is easy to use. It is totally free and ad-free VPN.

Unlimited Free VPN - Hola
Unlimited Free VPN - Hola
Price: Free
  • Unlimited Free VPN - Hola Screenshot


I hope you will love this article. If you think that I miss any chrome extension, then let me know by comments. I will add that extension shortly.

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