Sql injection Tutorials: Beginners Guide website hacking

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For the website hacking, SQL injection is very famous. In this article, I will explain everything from scratch. Note: Most of the visitors will not understand with tutorials if you don’t have any patience. To understand SQL injection first you should know what is SQL well, SQL is the query structured language used editing database What is database In programming, […]

5 Tips to Generate Catchy Profile Username to Stay Safe online

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create username

With the hectic life schedule, people get in touch with their long-lost friends, best friend, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances through social media. So, these days we live in a virtual world rather than in a real-life world. Social media such as snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, musically etc. has made the world full of fun as well […]

How to Hack Whatsapp account: (send virus via WhatsApp)

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Whatsapp hacking tutorials

So you want to learn or Hack someone’s WhatsApp account. Hacking WhatsApp account is not an easy. In Facebook hacking, you can guess the password and so many other ways like phishing, but in WhatsApp, there is No password :(. You can find so many websites like hack WhatsApp online, hack within 2 minutes. These […]

How to Use Nmap: Tutorials for beginners (cheat sheet included)

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When I was very new to Hacking, I check a post nmap commands for beginners. At that time I was confused by nmap. I was totally unable to understand what nmap is?  How to use it? What is the use of it?. It is a handy tool in cybersecurity. It is an open source tool. I’m […]

Android Hacking part-2: Install apps without touching phone

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android hacking part 2, how to install apps remotely created by metasploit. Install using beef framewok, kali linux andorid phone

As I promise you in the previous article that my next post will be related to android hacking. In this article, you will learn how to install apps in your victim phone easily or without touching his/her phone. I know it is not easy to take someone phone then install the ap and if you […]