Free Netflix account: 3 ways 100% working guide (screenshot attached)

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free netflix account

On the Internet, there is nothing like Netflix. But there is only one limitation it is paid. If you don’t want to pay money then read this account to know how to use Netflix account free. If you don’t know what is Netflix? it is videos streaming website. On the website, you can access world’s any […]

Hacking apps for the Android phone: List of best apps 2018

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hacking apps that will turn your android smartphone into hacking machine

Android is more than a smartphone. With some hacking apps, you can turn into a completely hacking machine.  Although the computer is a computer android can do some really amazing task. Hacking WiFi, networking spoofing, device monitor etc. I have tested a lot of apps. Some apps did not work on these days but other […]

Gbwhatsapp Download: Latest version Free + Review and tutorial

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gbwhatsapp for android latest version

Do you know WhatsApp mission was to replace SMS to WhatsApp messages and they did it. Nowadays we don’t use SMS we use WhatsApp for sending any message because it is better than SMS. If you are not satisfied with WhatsApp features then you use gbwhatsapp. It is really amazing app. Basically, this is modified version of WhatsApp […]

How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner

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Snapchat is next level social media app. It is totally different from Facebook, Instagram etc. Snapchat camera feature is copied by Facebook and Instagram. Read: How to Hack Facebook Account In today article  I will show you how to hack someone Snapchat account easily. Hacking Snapchat is not easy you need patience and time. On the internet, […]

How to create virus in python: WhatsApp Hacking 2

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create virus in python for hacking WhatsApp

How can you create your own virus to hack any computer.  In my previous post, some of you asked me to how to create your own virus to hack WhatsApp. In this article, I’m going to explain everything. I’m assuming you know basic of python. How to write python program. Read: Hacking for beginners: the […]