How to create virus in python: WhatsApp Hacking 2

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create virus in python for hacking WhatsApp

How can you create your own virus to hack any computer.  In my previous post, some of you asked me to how to create your own virus to hack WhatsApp. In this article, I’m going to explain everything. I’m assuming you know basic of python. How to write python program. Read: Hacking for beginners: the […]

How to Hack Instagram Account: Ultimate Guide

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how to hack instagram account

Ok, you want to Hack Instagram account. You already visit some websites to hack Instagram but no results. Actually, you can’t hack Instagram account automatically. This is not possible. To hack accounts you need a lot of patience and some practice. If you read this article till the end you will understand how Hackers hack […]

Sql injection Tutorials: Beginners Guide website hacking

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learn sql injection

For the website hacking, SQL injection is very famous. In this article, I will explain everything from scratch. Note: Most of the visitors will not understand with tutorials if you don’t have any patience. To understand SQL injection first you should know what is SQL well, SQL is the query structured language used editing database What is database In programming, […]

5 Tips to Generate Catchy Profile Username to Stay Safe online

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create username

With the hectic life schedule, people get in touch with their long-lost friends, best friend, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances through social media. So, these days we live in a virtual world rather than in a real-life world. Social media such as snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, musically etc. has made the world full of fun as well […]

How to Hack Whatsapp account: (send virus while chatting)

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  Hacking Whatsapp is not an easy task. You can found many fake apps and websites that claim WhatsApp can be hacked within minutes. But Believe me, this is not possible. I mean do you really think this is possible? If possible then there is no personal life because today everybody uses Whatsapp. Whatsapp have […]