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Best Ethical Hacking course with certificate 2017

Harinderpreet singh Last updated

Do you want to become hacker/ethical hacker? If yes then here you will find the best place to buy the ethical hacking course and I will tell you why. Online Course vs Free stuff no, doubt-free stuff like blogs and youtube helps a lot. But the biggest problem with free stuff it is not step […]

How to secure your WiFi Network from hackers

Harinderpreet singh Last updated
secure wifi

After posting a lot of post about wifi Hacking in this post I will show how you can secure your wifi from hackers. No system has 100% security in the world because people discover new hacking techniques. But I am promising you after reading you can secure your WiFi from normal hackers or anybody who […]

How to Find a Hidden WiFi Network within 5 minutes

Harinderpreet singh Last updated
hidden wifi

How to install Kali Linux step by step [all ways] Did your neighbor just Hide their network and  change network name In this post, I will show you how to connect to hidden WiFi network. To connect to Hidden WiFi you just need to know Network name. After Finding network name chose “add network/Connect to […]

How to Hide your IP for browsing anonymously

Harinderpreet singh Last updated
how to hide Ip adress

You are here Kali Linux training>Chapter 4 In this lesson, we well talk about how can you hide your identity/browse anonymously or Change Ip address There are several ways to hide or change your Ip address in Kali Linux Using proxychain Using Vpn Make sure you visit hacking for beginners to know how proxy and […]

Best Free Keylogger apps for an android phone [without root]

Harinderpreet singh Last updated
keylogger apps for android

If you signup for Opentech info newsletter you receive a welcome email where is ask your problems. Recently I receive an email from some users Asking about best keylogger apps for android phone which can able to send logs online and free. Here I the List of Best Free Android spy software Keylogger is an […]