Best Torrent sites available on the internet

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top 10 Torrent sites

I suppose that you know what is the torrent. Torrent is basically a file which contains metadata variable.  It’s extension is .torrent. In many countries, it is illegal to use torrent like in India. But do you really think you can go to jail just because of using torrent? Seriously! Anyway, In this article, I will […]

Top 15 Useful and Most Interesting Websites on the Internet

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The Internet is one of the best places to enjoy, entertain and gain knowledge. It is a treasure trove of websites which can help you to get enjoyment when you want to. Here I try to find some crazy websites on the internet that can help refresh your mode at any time etc. I hope […]

Best Window 10 themes: A collection of best themes

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3d wallpapers

window 10 is the amazing operating system.  Like the android, you can change themes. On the internet, you download free themes. If you are looking for best window 10 thems then you are in right place.  Here you will find the best themes of window 10 handpicked by me. Before writing the article I search […]

Best Proxy sites of 2018: Top 15 Proxy Servers

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Do you know proxy websites are very useful if you want to visit a website that is blocked or you can’t access for any reason? I know our college wifi network or office wifi network block some websites. Like some college block websites like facebook, twitter, songs downloading websites but you can visit these websites […]

Yowhatsapp Download: Reason why it is better than whatsapp

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download yowhatsapp

Whatsapp does not need to need to introduction. More than 1 billion people use it because of its functionality. But some people so creative they add some features in WhatsApp that nobody thinks. Features like sending automatic messages, scheduling messages, etc.  THere are many moded versions of WhatsApp. In this article, I will talk about […]