Pokemon Rom Hacks: The Complete List 2019

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pokemon rom hacks

Are you looking for pokemon GBA gaming ROM hacks? Then here you will find everything. Here I have listed all pokemon games hacks. I hope this will help you. But First My most of Blog readers don’t know what is Pokemon Rom Hacks or Don’t how to use these files. So First I will explain […]

Tubemate Download 2019: YouTube Video Downloader for Android

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Tubemate Download 2019: YouTube Video Downloader for Android 1

Are you Addicted to Youtube?   I am so much addicted to it. So much so that I want to download them on my cell phone. However: YouTube does not allow to download a video. There is no such option. This is why people use YouTube video downloaders and YouTube to Mp3 apps etc. I […]

Android version journey in Single image (Cupcake 1 to Pie 9)

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Android version journey in Single image (Cupcake 1 to Pie 9) 2

Contrary to what many people think, Android was not born in Google. The company with this name was founded in 2003 and had as its initial idea to be an intelligent operating system for digital cameras. Only those responsible felt that they could go further, and the brand began selling the product to the mobile […]

Best Android Video Downloader Free Apps (updated to 2019)

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video downloader

Best video downloading app for Android is the best need of the hour. There are so many good applications like Vidmate, Download Manager and AVD. Many Android users wonder and look for the best video downloading an application that may directly download the videos from different social media sites (especially YouTube) and from some other […]

DDos Attack: Types, Tools, Stop: Everything you Need to know

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ddos attack

The DDOS attack is one of the Best attacks to down a web server or website. In this article, I will share everything that I know about DDoS attack. No matter if you don’t know anything about it. I Will explain everything from scratch step by step The DDoS full form is distributed denial of […]