How to download YouTube videos: New way

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Youtube does not need any introduction. It is getting famous day by day. Best website for watching online videos. Did you know Facebook also launch facebook watch to beat Youtube.

Anyway, these company will be competing with each other. The day when facebook launch gets famous I will write an article about facebook watch.

How to download YouTube videos: New way 1

On the internet, you will find thousands of other ways to download youtube videos. There is a lot of downloaders. You can use any online downloader or software for saving youtube videos.

I know all about it. But I just try to find the best ways. If you think that I miss something then let me know by comments. I will add it shortly.

After all, it is all about user satisfaction.

I know youtube gives you the functionality of saving videos in their Android app. But the problem with this functionality is that You can’t view these videos in the gallery and you can’t share it with your friends.

So in this article, I will tell you how to save youtube videos in the phone gallery free of cost.

Like always no more words.

Movies downloading websites: A list of best sites

How to Download youtube videos

Recently I have added this functionality to my website to downloading youtube videos.


When you open this website you will see something like youtube videos downloader

Just paste your video URl in the input field and click on the download button. It will show you something like thisvideos downloading

Now select video quality or click on the arrow icon to expand more. If you want to download 1080px video.

Just click on the download icon and your video will get start downloading.

I know you don’t like this way of downloading youtube videos. Don’t worry there is an easy way Just type san after www. as shown in the screenshot.

youtube downloader

It will redirect you to download page as shown in the screenshot. videos downloading

Cool way to download the video for free.

Other ways to download videos free

Using Idm: internet downloader manager does not need any introduction. You can download videos using this. I know nobody bought this software. Everyone use the cracked version because nobody wants to spend money.  that’s ok.idm for computer

But I found that cracked version is unable to download videos from the internet. But If you spend money on the idm then you will get the option of downloading videos. Search on the internet maybe you will find a way to connect cracked idm with Google Chrome so you can save videos offline.

YTD Downloader: If you are looking for a software to save youtube videos then Try this. It is super easy to install.

This software has both free and paid versions available. Paid is around $12. You can download multiple files at once in the paid version. The only problem with the free version is that you will face ads. youtube downloader

There is nothing special. It is simple software for downloading youtube videos. What can you expect from it?

4k Video Downloader: This is better than ytd downloader. It has more user functionality and a better user interface than any other downloader.

4k downloader

No matter either you are using window, mac or Ubuntu. You just need to copy youtube video link then click on paste link button as shown in the screenshot. Here is one more feature available that is known as the smart mode which is used for selecting video type, format etc.

I think you can use it on daily basis. YTd user interface is not great as compared to this downloader. But this one has the better user interface than YTD.  You will not face any ads like ytd and there are a lot of features available in that software.

Here is the screenshot when you copy the link and click on paste link buttondownloading youtube video

INot only youtube you can also download videos from facebook, flicker, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, adult sites etc. 

WinX Youtube downloader

It is free software which allows you to download youtube videos. It claims that It can download videos from 300 sites. The best thing I like about this software is that you will not face any ads.  There is no malware. download youtube videos

IF you don’t like free version then you can use paid version too. If you upgrade it. Then you have 1000 sites option. Its file size is 130 M.Paid version cost around $130.

I don’t know who need 1000 sites to download youtube videos. Seriously!. Sometimes the company just add features without understanding what user needs. This is too much.getting free netflix account


Another great website for downloading youtube videos.  It is very famous for downloading youtube videos. If you don’t like using websites then you can use software to save videos offline. When you will install software it will automatically install the extension in the chrome, firefox.

Once You have installed it correctly then you will see an option of downloading videos as shown in the button by savefrom net

Another easy way.

To install this go to the website and click on the install buttoninstall button

It will download a software. While installing software there is the recommendation to install opera. I will advise you to uncheck it.  Software installation is very simple.  Just click on next, next etc.

If you have installed software correctly then not only youtube you can also download videos from Facebook, SoundCloud, Dailymotion, Instagram etc.


You can type video url as shown in the screenshot. visit website herevideo downloading from savefrom

Select video format and your video will start downloading.


You can type ss after www. as shown in the screenshot It will take you to that video downloading page. video downloading by typing ss

Using PP

This is another cool trick to save video offline. Just type pp as shown in the screenshot. It will take you to the download page.  download YouTube videos

This is by a website y2mate.  You can also directly go to the website and type the url to save videos offline. The best thing I like about y2mate is that it is complete youtube.  I mean you can search videos in website as shown in the screenshot.y2mate


Those who use Android and want an app for saving the video in the phone gallery can try this app. This is very famous and a lot of people use mate

You will not find this app in the play store you have to download it from here.

As you can see in the screenshot not only youtube you can download videos from any other website too.

When you will download it you will see a warning like this app can harm your phone. So use it your own risk. But don’t think like you will lose a personal data something like this. Believe me, nobody is free for checking your personal data.

But the company sells data in millions of dollars.

It is super easy to use. Install it. If you don’t know how to use this app don’t worry when you open this app It will guide you how to install this app.

Some people want a better user experience if you are one of those then  Here is the complete list of all these types of the downloader


If you don’t like tube mate then you can try this. Like tubemate, this app also not available in the play store. You have to download it from the official website. Visit herevideoder

If you are a desktop user then you can use download software. No matter either you are using mac or window. If you don’t like using software then you can use this website for downloading youtube videos.

But the only problem with the website is that you can’t download high-quality videos. So Either you have to use app or software.

Here is the screenshot of desktop software.videoder software

Did you see how amazing user interface it has?  This for who want a better user experience. While downloading videos I found that It has really amazing speed that no other downloader has.

It can download videos from 1000+ sites. Which is insane.  Here is the screenshot of some websites. websites for download YouTube videos


These types of apps you can’t find in the play store. You have to download it from the internet. As you can view in the screenshot You can download videos from any famous website.


Not only youtube you can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc too. Here is the screenshot of the app.

It will automatically save video files in storage.

If you use too much WhatsApp then you can download free WhatSapp status. This app has a special tab for downloading WhatsApp status as shown in the screenshot.


I hope you will learn how to download youtube videos better way. There are tons of ways to download youtube video. It depends upon you. Which will you choose?

I mean you can choose anyone but I think typing san after www. is one of the best ways to download youtube videos.

If you have download software/app for downloading youtube videos then make sure you keep up to date your software. It is important for you. If you do not update your software then your pc can be hacked. The updated version has all fixed errors and sometimes it has better speed.

If you think that I miss something then let me know by comments. I will add it shortly.

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