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In These Days Whatsapp Mods versions are trending. If you are using WhatsApp from Old time, then you know Whatsapp plus is the First mode version of WhatsApp.

Fm WhatsApp Apk for Android Icon Download free latest version

Then Og WhatsApp and Now Gbwhatsapp, YoWhatsApp, and Fm WhatsApp are trending. Maybe in the Future, we have new Moded apk.
We are now using Whatsapp for more than a decade. It is so much changed now as compare its first version it was an app for messages only. But now, audio call, video call, status, etc. But if whatsapp does not give you true benefit of these features.

If you really want to get most of these features like auto-reply, theme changing, customization etc then start using fm whatsapp right now. So the First question arrives in mind is that what is actually fm whatsapp.

Is it a whatsapp alternative, or it is whatsapp with more features, Is it from an official app blah blah

What is Fm WhatsApp?

Fm Whatsapp is a modded version of WhatsApp. Mean Foud company add new features like theme changing, status download, Anti-Delete, etc. to original whatsapp and rename it FmWhatsApp.

You will never get these features in the original version. I guarantee that.

App NameFMWhatsApp Not Fm WhatsApp
Package Namecom.whatsapp
Android Version Required4.0
Root RequiredNo
Approximately Download 5,000,000+ and
Almost 8000+ Per Day

Download FmWhatsApp 

Fm WhatsApp Features & Cons



Advanced Customization

  1. Send Image In Full Resolution
  2. Change Font Family
  3. Switch to Dark UI
  4. Notification Icon Customization
  5. Change App Icon
  6. Change the color of ActionBar, Background, Status bar, navigation bar


  1. Disable Forward Tag
  2. Who can Call Me Privacy
  3. View Status/Story Without Letting them Know
  4. Show Blue Tick  only After Reply
  5. Hide Blue, Typing, Microphone, etc. For Contacts, Groups & Broadcasts Separately


  1. Lock FmWhatsApp
  2. Lock FmWhatsApp
  3. HIde Chat


featuresOther Key Features

    1. Anti Delete Status/Message. You can view Although from other side person delete the message/status
    2. Chane themes, use yo whatsapp themes
    3. Share More than 10 Images At once
    4. video Size Limit upto 700mb
    5. Pause Internet For Fm WhatsApp Only
    6. Hide Media From GalleryStatus Download Button
    7. Put 5 Minute Status (only fm whatsapp & yowhatsapp user will able to view it)
    8. Contact photos while Chatting in Groups (Already Enabled)


  • Privacy Is Issue maybe the app developer can view all messages or spy over your phone
  • Speed is Little Bit Slow
  • Whatsapp Starting banned moded versions So perhaps you get banned too. But read our solution for this

Note: Make Sure you Have uninstalled original WhatsApp Otherwise you will not be able to Install.

How to Install Fm WhatsApp On your Android Phone

I hope you already know about installation, but  Google Prefer Long content. That’s Why I’m Writting about Installation.

Here are Easy to Follow Steps.

  1. Download it from the above button. Most of you use Chrome. When Download is complete, then Open it. Make sure you have permission to install apps from an unknown source. If you didn’t, then it will show you a warning.
  2. After that, click on the Install button.
  3. When the installation is done, it will show you something like whatsapp installation is done
  4. Now you have to Create an Account Like you did in Original WhatsApp. Open It and Click on Restore. It will Restore your Files. Then Agree and Continue.
  5. Enter your Mobile Number and click on Next then It will ask you for permission. Allow all permissions to wait until you get the verification code. WhatsApp Will automatically enter Code and then your Name.

How to Remove Ban

Recently you start seeing this if you are using any moded version of whatsapp.

gb whatsapp ban

Here is the solution for this.

  1. Uninstall moded version Fm and Install original Version from play store
  2. Create your Account and use it for a day
  3. Again Download FmWhatsapp and start using it.

That’s It. You can try it. It is working.

Download FmWhatsApp 

FmWhatsApp Tricks

So I have Above explained it’s featured in this I will explain How to use them.

Lock App: Protecting Fm With Password or Pattern is easy. You don’t need any external App. It can be done inside the FmWhatsApp.

From Menu Open ➡️Fouad Mods➡️Password and Tick WhatsApp Lock as shown in the Screenshot.Lock FmWhatsApp

Then Change From 6.0.2 Chose Pattern Or Pin.

After Click On Change Password or Pin depending upon what you have selected.

Type Password or Draw Pattern. In fm, You can even change the wallpaper of Lock Screen.

That’s it. You have done it.

Emoji Type: For any reason, if you don’t like Orginal Emoji then the user can replace it with Facebook, Emoji one v3, Android 0 Emoji

Fouad Settings→Universal→Mods→Emoji Variant.

Download Status: When you View Status then there is Icon Of Download as shown in the screenshot. Just Click On status

Disable Forward Tag: You know when we transfer jokes or message this forward tag above the message is really annoying. According to a survey Due to forward tag jokes on whatsapp makes people less laughing.

By Default Fm whatsapp already disabled forwarded but for any reason, if you want to enable it then go to

Fouad Settings→Privacy. You can find a tick in the second position.

Change App Icon: This is one of the best feature that I like about this app. Here is the path for changing the launcher icon. Fouads Mods means First menu item in the 3 Dot Menu

Fouads Mods→Universal→Mods→1.3.3 Launcher Icon

Changing Icon
If it does not change your icon then restart your phone

Pause Internet for WhatsApp Only: If you are in a meeting or in any situation where you need an internet connection but you don’t want that whatsapp message will disturb you then you can pause the internet for whatsapp only.

Sometimes like playing mobile games pubg it can help you to focus on gaming.

Open Fouad Mods from 3 Dot menu and then Other Mods. Tick the Meeting POD as shown in the screenshot.

pause internet for fm whatsapp

Themes: We have Launcher in Our android phone. Same way here we have launchers. Located at Fouad Settings→YoThemes→Downoad YoThemes.

If you want to view theme in full screen then click on the image. To use any theme just click on the Install Button in blue color.

fm themes

Here you can manage All Your themes Installed, Downloading and uninstall, etc.

Customization: For Any reason, if you don’t like any theme then you can customize it according to you and give a totally New Look.

You can customize everything like size, color, font style, etc.

In Fouad Settings their customization for every screen.

Universal is for managing all screens. All Customization is under 1-4 settings. (Open the App you will understand what I mean).

By Customizing it you can create a totally new theme.

Privacy Settings: I told you above that Privacy is at Fouad Settings→Privacy.

Here is the Screenshot So You can view all whatsapp privacy

Call, Viewing Status without letting them know, Anti-Delete Stories/Status, Blue Tick After Reply etc is controlled from Here.

Hide Media From Gallery: I have no Idea why Will someone will do it but if you want to do then Under Fouad Settings it is at 7 positions.

If you transfer adult content then using this you can Hide it form gallery.

You can Hide Photos, Videos, Gif’s  Separately.

Photo Video Settings: These settings are Managed Under Fouad → Other Mods.

  1. Here you can control Video Size upto 700mb.
  2. Share more than 10 images at once
  3. Share Photo in Full Resolution

Backup & Restore WhatsApp Data: I’m not talking about Restore original WhatsApp data. You can create a backup within seconds and restore it.

Fouad mods→5. Other Mods. Scroll to end to find backup and Restore settings.

With one click you can backup or restore data.

Message number Without Saving: This feature is located in 3 dot Menu as shown in the screenshot. Just Put the Mobile Number and start chatting. Great Who Don’t want to show Dp.

fm whatsapp

ReStart With One Click: While Putting Lock You need to Restart FmWhatsApp. You can do it manually or with one Click. This Feature is also located in 3 dot menu.

If you face slow speed while chatting then restart to make it faster.

Get Activity Log of your Friends Action: At the Bottom of the screen from where we start chatting tap chose paper Icon item as shown in the screenshot.

It will show when your friends are online changing profile photos, publishing status story, etc.

friends activity fm

Lock Conversation: Locking Fm is Different thing But Locking a Particular chat is Different thing.

Open that Chat Then from 3 dot menu Click on Lock conversation and Draw your Pattern Or Password.

So Next Time when someone will try to open Chat you Need to Draw Pattern.

lock chat

Hide Chat: Hiding Means Inside the WhatsApp Icon. Select that Chat and from 3 dot menu Click on Hide chat.

Then Draw Pattern or Password.

If you want to Open it then click on WhatsApp as shown in the screenshot.

whatsapp open Hide chat

When you use Fm You will get a lot of features than above described But I will try to explain the main points why you should Install this app.

I hope it will help you.

FmWhatsappp vs GbWhatsApp vs YoWhatsApp

Well If I told you there is no Difference. Fm WhatsApp is derived From YoWhatsApp and yowhatsapp is inspired by GbwhatsApp

There is no Big Difference Might be Little Bit But I think Using FM is Easy From Gb.

But Gb WhatsApp has a message schedule feature that Fm whatsapp does not have.

Otherwise, there is no difference between these apps.

WhatsApp Plus is first Moded version of Whatsapp then Og whatsapp And Now Gbwhtsapp, yowhatsapp, and Fm.

Click Here to Download YowhatsApp

Click Here to Download Gbwhatsapp


can I use both Original whatsapp and Fm?

No, you have uninstalled original first to install this

Can I use gbwhatsapp, yowhatsapp and Fm At once?

yes, You can

Does it Safe?

Nobody knows without Fm WhatsApp Founder.

How Developer Make a moded version of an app?

Hm, interesting question. well, People first reverse engineer original apk to get it’s programming code then add new functions by coding and release a new version. I hope it will help you.

How FmWhatsApp makes Money?

Hm, Interesting Question. Well In Settings you Will Find Some Ads. And if Fm WhatsApp (we don’t know this) is selling data then It’s making huge data.

Is it available for Ios?

No, use Android if you want these type of Apps

Who is the Founder of this App?

Foud,  Here is the official website

Does it available for Pc?

No, but If you use bluestack then you can use it.

Which Version Do You Prefer?

The latest version, Right now the Latest version is v7.90

What About Updates?

Don’t worry, I will keep updating the article.

Can I save Status?

yes, You can

Do you use FmWhatsApp?

No, Because I do not need these features

What type of people should use FmWhatsApp?

Well, if you want to save status inside whatsapp, view status without letting them know, show blue tick after reply then you should use FmwhatsApp

What is the future of FmwhatsApp?

I think there will end of this after 3-4 years.

Download FmWhatsApp 


I hope you will like this article. If you have any query or suggestion, then let me comments. Now Question is should you use FmWhatsApp Or Not what is Final Answer?

Well If you want more features, then you should otherwise don’t use it. Look Sometimes we install App Because we like features. But we don’t need these features. In That Case, You should Void it.

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