Free Netflix account: 4 ways 100% working guide (screenshot attached)

On the Internet, there is nothing like Netflix. But there is only one limitation it is paid. If you don’t want to pay money then read this account to know how to use Netflix account netflix account

If you don’t know what is Netflix? it is videos streaming website. On the website, you can access the world’s any movie.

Recently I  got an email from a person asking about how to use Netflix free. I browse the internet and read many blog articles about it and I found I can guide people better than others bloggers or in simple words, I can add better stuff.

Netflix has 3 plans Here is the screenshot of plans

I know it costly for you. But Don’t worry in this video I will tell you how to use Netflix free.

There are mainly 3 ways to use Netflix free

  • Using 1-month free subscription
  • Using accounts
  • My personal method to use Netflix

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Just keep patience while reading.

Using the 1-month Free subscription

Many of you know that for website new users provides 1-month free subscription.  If you have a credit card then you can use this trick.


Go to Netflix it will show you something like this. Click on Join Free For a

After clicking on it will take you to the plans page.

I will recommend you to choose the premium plan because you are going to cancel it after one month. So why not get maximum features. Be default premium plan is selected for you. Simply click on continue.choose plan in netflix

On the Next page, it will ask you filling signup form.  Fill the complete form as shown in the screenshot.create Netflix account

After clicking on continue it will ask you about the credit card. Complete form don’t worry it will not charge any money for one month.adding credit card

That’s it you created an account successfully. Watch your favorite movies free for one month.

Make sure you cancel your account within one month. If don’t do it will charge money depending upon the plan you selected.

Using this page you can Cancel your account.

Using Sharing

Netflix cost around $10 per month and you can use it on 4 screens. So If a group of 4 people will buy it then it will cost you around $2.5 which is very cheap.

Or even better you can get 4 months free if all of your credit card. If you don’t then you can use virtual credit card.

Using Netflix accounts

This is a very famous method to use Netflix account free. Many blog owners provide free accounts. But I tell you the secret not a single account will work for you.


Why know other bloggers just copy paste random accounts and people trying so hard but they will not able to get an account. Here is a list of Netflix accounts.

Every time I update New accounts someone change password. No Account will work from above those. I will recommend you to purchase from accountbot

Using Torrent

I hope you know what is torrent how to use it. Here is a list of complete website to download movies and tv shows. Using this you can download Netflix tv series and films free.


These are the best way to use Netflix free. I hope you will like this post. If you have any problem or issue then let me know by comments. I will try my best to solve your problem. Thanks for reading


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  1. After the first month, it gives me a notification that My payment details must be updated to enjoy using Netflix.. I can still see movies though.. Should I be concerned?

  2. with netflix’s changing sharing policy, is it still a good idea to purchase from accountbot? please respond, even by email if not here.

  3. now that netflix has started tracking ip addresses and banning accounts with unusual activities, is it still valid to buy from accountbot?

  4. I’ve been kicked off Netflix while watching a movie and can’t log back in to it someone has changed the password what must I do?

    • Well, you can get in New account on accountbot. There an option for replace on accountbot under my account

    • Yes someone changed password if you next time comment on blog i will copy your cookies 🙂 and again I have add 2 working account

  5. Which one of this accounts is working? I can’t purchase Netflix on accountbot because I don’t have paypal or one of the other pay methods

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