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Free hosting: Create premium blog

Harinderpreet singh Last updated

Today almost everything is free available on the internet. I have recently posted more than 50 free hosting sites visit this article and in this post, I am posting top free WordPress hosting sites.

Choosing hosting for WordPress is not an easy to plan. There are many paid plan available but if you are really new to WordPress and want to learn then try these free WordPress hosting. wordpress-1495180_960_720

In this article, you will cover following topics

Best alternative to free WordPress hosting

Hosting that provide free WordPress hosting

  • Hostinger
  • 1freehosting
  • 2freehosting
  • X10hosting
  • Xtreemhost
  • Awardspace
  • World’s best free hosting (for developer only)

install WordPress manually

How to create premium blog

Best alternative to free WordPress hosting

Hostgator:If you want good speed, full customer support, and all deluxe feature Hostgator is best for you. Price is starting from $5.6 per month.

Bluehost: Bluehost has great plans. Many people prefer this as best Blog plan because it is preferred by Plans starting from $3.95 per month

Godaddy: Godaddy is number one in the cheap plan. Plans are different for the different country but on renewing your account they will double charge.

WordPress is really great platform to starting a blog. You can download free to from the official site and there is a larger number of free hosting sites available some of them has one-click installation feature but if not available then you can install it manually and these sites have no limitation provide you full features that a paid company provides like plugins, themes.

Before getting start you need to know difference between, not Some people don’t know difference between these companies and they thinking free mean but it is not.
It is web application you need to install it in your account. Generally called self-hosted wordpressThis is hosting site has free and paid plan in free hosting you will get subdomain paid hosting called VIP WordPress hosting
It is self-hosted it is easy to migrate your siteNot easy to move.
It is open source means you can sell it to anyone by modifying.It is not open source.
Price depends on upon your web hosting planPaid plans starting from $100
Mostly blogger uses this serviceLess amount of people use this

AS clear from above table you can use it free and there are large number free hosting plans available installation procedure given the blow.

Limitations of free hosting free-hosting-advantages-disadvantages

  • Domain name is a big problem: If you are really serious to make a blog then I will suggest you use any top level domain for your blog. All of these company provides you third party domain setup in the free plan you can also use a subdomain for checking hosting is good for you or not.
  • Limited space (but I think enough):Web space is also limited minimum web space is 2 GB but I think this space is enough. At present date, I have used only 151 MB at Thinking clearly plans starting from 2 GB and you are going to use this space in writing post so space is enough and in 2 Gb you can post 80-100 post
  • Speed is okay:I tested all these sites and I find that speed is not bad as well as not good. Because these are the free plan so don’t talk about speed although speed is an SEO factor. Main problem is performace server and  down at any time. Here is full tutorial how to speed up WordPress site [infographic]
  • Customer support:In free plans, customer support is very bad but there is no need of customer support
  • Irritating ads: All these companies showing ads some of them showing own ads. Many of them showing ads by Google Adsense some rolling ads to upgrade your plan to premium plan.

Many people believe that free hosting can be shut down at any time but these are not ordinary Companies these are very famous so mean of thinking shutdown.
Advantages of free hosting

  • Free of cost available: You know the mean of the free word these all plans available totally costless with all premium features no limitations.
  • Good for getting start: If you are new and want to learn about it then these hosting companies are really great for learning.

Top free WordPress hosting sites

Did you know: All of these hosting companies are ads free. Yes! Although these companies have applied Adsense but all are ad free because you will manage your WordPress from  which will ads free although you apply Adsense. So don’t take care about ads. But in case if you non-WordPress user then adds will distract you. In this only 2-3 hosting company don’t show ads

Hostinger: This is my favorite free web hosting site. Hostinger has paid as well paid plan and VPS (virtual private server) at very cheap price. Free plan Web server has 8gb ram and 10mbbs net speed and in paid 16gb ram with 100mbbps net speed. This company provides hosting in more than 35 countries for better

Here is more than 100 auto-installer available. Paid plans starting from 179 per month in India (different for different countries). Hostinger provides you one-click WordPress install.



  • 2 GB disk space
  • Cpanel login
  • Sign up with facebook or Gmail
  • Buy top level domain in free plan
  • No ads just one 2 ad banner about Hostinger premium plans (not irritating)


  • No subdomain you have to buy a custom domain name from Hostinger (.xyz is cheapest $1)
  • Server speed is very bad
  • Can’t use third party domain name

How to install WP on Hostinger: Delete all files and folder in file manager before uploading

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on auto installer under website section
  3. Click on WordPress

wordpress installation on hostinger

Type your username and password and click on install option. You will get a notification as given in screenshot

an notification after sucessfull wordpress installation
go to all data of your blog will handle by this URL .

Note: By default, it will provide you 3.5.2 version so update it to the latest version for using latest themes, plugin etc.

1freehosting: 1freehosting provide you the better option from Hostinger like better speed. The company also include paid plans. 1freehosting panel  refers to HostGator as an upgrade to hosting plan. On opening, they declare that no ads but they showing ads using AdSense which are very


By default, it will provide you 2.5.5 version but the latest version is 4.5.2. So update it to use latest features and plugin. 1freehosting features are given blow


  • Cpanel login
  • 10 GB disk space
  • 3 subdomains,, and
  • 100 GB bandwidth
  • You can use third party domain name in your free plan
  • One click WordPress install
  • Better speed than hostinger

the installation process is same as Hostinger auto installer→wordpress


  • You can register only one domain name per day although it will subdomain or the third party.
  • Third party domain setup can take up to 24 hours.

Click here to signup

Bonus tip: 1freehosting provide you bad domain extension because it is free don’t worry if you don’t want to spend money on domain name there are some good domain names available like ” .tk”,”gl”, “.ma”, “.cf”, “.gq” (free only for the first year) follow given tips to connect freehosting account with 1freehosting

  1. First of open freenom website and type your domain name and press enter.
  2. Next page shows your domain name available or not. Choose tld which you like or available by clicking get it Now button. It will buffer for some time after that click on checkout. it will be redirected you to Shopping cart page
  3. In next page choose 12 Months @free and click on Change Dns→Use your DNS and type following Nameservers
  4. Next page is about making an account on freenom complete it.
  5. Now Login your account at  Create New account in hosting and don’t change anything in next remain it as it is and click on Select button
  6. Last step type your domain name (type full for e.x. this screenshot will help.freenom dns settings you for understanding. Now wait to 24 hours to complete the process.

2freehosting: 2freehosing also provide you free WordPress hosting. There is not a big difference between 1free hosting and 2freehosting without space and ads are not irritating. This service is handled by Hostinger. According to this company they have 59500+ active user. 2freehosting


  • 20 GB disk space
  • subdomain,,, and
  • Use third party domain name
  • Faster installing speed than 1freehosting
  • Create up to 10 email address
  • 150000 MB Monthly bandwidth


  • Ads by Adsense (but not irritating)
  • Time taken Third party domain name is up to 24 hours.

How to install WP

  1. Open auto installer
  2. Click on WordPress
  3. Type your details user name and passwordwordpress installation on 2freehosting

Click here to signup

Bonus tip: You also add third party domain name from freenom like above.

X10hosting: X10Hosting: Only hosting with the easy procedure with unlimited cloud hosting. Wp supports mean it will support PHP, MYSQL. It is working from 10 years so no chance to shut down. Like premium they provide SSD servers which increase your blog speed x10hosting


  • unlimited disk storage
  • SSD servers
  • Free subdomain names
  • More than 200 web applications with 1 click install

Click here to Signup

Free Hostia: Free plans is known as Chocolate plan which has the superb options.  You can host up to 5 domain names with only 250 MB disk storage.  Paid plan price starting from $2.95 month. It has more than 50 web applications available include WordPress.


  • 6gb monthly transfer
  • Host up to 5 domain names
  • 1click application installer
  • 3 email accounts

Click here to Signup

Award space: This Company has over 1.5 million active users. I will suggest you to buy premium plans starting from $0.41 per month which is literally free also it is best if you are for affordable hosting. In this cheap plan, you will get unlimited storage with unlimited bandwidth


  • Unlimited storage + bandwidth
  • Free data backup
  • 2 root domain + 5 subdomain names
  • MySQL, PHP, CGI and PERL supported

Click here to Signup

Xtream host: Xtreamhost is very famous in free WordPress hosting.  They provide hosting without ads and like others they have paid plans. One of the biggest negative fact that there is no limit for server response time. Their privacy policy is not strict like Hostinger.


  • 2500 MB disk space
  • 100 Gb monthly transfer
  • No ads
  • 30 auto installer scripts

Click here to Signup  One of top rated in terms of free WordPress. It provides you quality domain name and all other premium features. It is perfect for who want to make the website without spending a penny.  They provide Zacky installer which is modified WordPress but it has all features of wp.


  • 1000 MB online storage
  • Free domain name
  • Ads free
  • 5 GB monthly transfer

Click here to Signup Another quality based ads free plans are available at Byehost without charging anything. It has 333 auto installer scripts like WordPress, blogs, photogalleries etc.  On subdomain name, you will get SSL certificate which makes your site rank in Google higher.


  • 1000 MB storage
  • Control panel control
  • Https on all subdomain names
  • Clustered servers
  • 50 GB monthly traffic

Click here to Signup

Best free WordPress hosting (not for earning):  This is not the name of any company if you want free WordPress hosting only for experimenting or you are a WP developer then offline WordPress hosting is best and free option for you.  Just follow simple steps to know how to install WordPress offline

First of install XMAPP on your computer (Size: 109mb).

Run it and start Apache and MYSQL.runing-apache-and-mysql-on-Xampp

Now click on admin of MYSQL it will open localhost/phpmyadmin and any new like opentechinfo and close the windowcreating-database

Now download WordPress from official site and copy paste in C://XMAPP/htdocs folder and extract (unzip) it and rename it your database username which opentechinfo in mine case.rename-wordpress-to-MYSQL-database-name

Rename wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and change the following names as shown in screenshot.changing-wp-config.php-settings

Now visit localhost/wp and configure simple settings.installing-wordpress

In case of auto install is not available


There are some sites where is no auto installer option like

If you are using that kind of hosting doesn’t worry you can install it manually follow given steps just make sure that your plan support PHP and MYSQL database.

000webhost features

  • 1500 MB disk space
  • subdomain


  • Can’t use third party domain name
  • Ads by Adsense
  • Installing process is complex because you can upload only 5 MB file at once and WordPress size is 8 MB
  • Needs strong connections for uploading don’t use 2g.

How to install WP manually

  1. Download WordPress version 3.4 beta from the official site (Download now) because you can’t upload a file which is larger than 5mb (latest version is 8.4 MB) this version size is 4.7mb don’t worry you can update it after installing.
  2. Login to your 000webhost site open MySQL database
  3. Make a new database as given in screenshot (don’t close it now)
  4. Now open zip folder which downloads in the first step and cut wp-config-sample.php and paste to the desktop.
  5. Change the name of wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php and replace these this data as given in screenshot. (Open it with notepad or ++)

manual wordpress installation

  1. Cut or copy again wp-config.php to WordPress folder
  2. Upload this zip folder to 000webhost
  1. After uploading your blog is ready for installation to go to
  2. After installing go

And type your details

How to create your blog or website looks like premium

To create your blog premium you have to apply premium themes . Here i have collected beautiful, mobile ready free wp themes.

There are unlimited themes available in WordPress you can use them. Most of them are free but you can also buy paid theme (starting from $59) follow list of SEO friendly, fast loading free themes

  1. Socially viral: This template have the great design with amazing colors and other features but you can’t add any widgets to this theme. Nav bar is fixed of  category list. Theme is known for getting social shares  Socially-Viral-Free-WP-Theme
  2. Ribbon: This theme is also made by mythemeshop. If you don’t like above theme option can’t add widgets then it is best for you. Here you can customize header magbar sidebar and can add widgets in the footer also up to three.Ribbon-WordPress-Theme
  3. ColorMag: This magazine style theme have both free and paid version. it is currently used on 50000 sites. but the speed of this theme is not good as Ribbon but it is an awesome theme where you add 2 magbar and widgets in sidebar and footer it also has social icon buttons .color-mag
  4. Dazzling: dazzling is an awesome template for business sites. It has one nav bar and one pre-installed widget of the popular and recent post as shown in the screenshot. dazzling-free-business-theme

Things should consider

  • Make sure that your permalink should search engine friendly to change permalink go to settings→General
  • You should change your login folder by default it is /wp-admin you can change it with the p-login.php plugin for protecting hackers.
  • Make sure that you are using the latest version to use the latest plugins, themes etc.

Conclusion: These sites are the best for getting start but a paid hosting provides you good speed, customer support, and ads.

My opinion: These sites offer free domain name If you want to use these free wordpress hosting sites for making a blog then i will suggest you to use any top level domain. As given above some of them has feature third party domain setup so buy domain name and you can buy it only in $1 Given blow

.xyz$1Hostinger, Namecheap and many more


























$0.88 with $0.18 ICANN fees


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