Full form of Hacker

First of all, Who is Hacker??

full form of hackerHacker is the person who tries to access your computer, Online accounts like facebook, Your wifi, mobile without admin permission.

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Full form of Hacker

Hacker stands for

H – Hide IP
A – Aim Victim
C – Crack Encrypt
K – Kill Firewall
E – Enter into Database
R – Return Anonymous

H – Hide IP

 what is IP address: IP stands for Internet protocol do not get confuse by full form basically, this is the address of your device every device (does not matter smartphone or computer) has unique IP address like mobile search on Google my IP you will find your Ip address

ip address using google
Find ip using Google type my IP

This is my public IP there are two types of IP

  1. Private IP
  2. Public IP

From a network, all device are communicating with the Internet from a single public IP address. Public IP can be same but Private IP can’t same of two or more devices.

How can you Hide IP

Hide IP address means to change or spoof your internet protocol address so sites that hacker visit to get a fake Ip address hackers can hide IP with the help of Vpn and proxy sites.

What is VPN  A VPN (Virtual private network) connects two devices securely and privately over the internet through Public IP address. No one able to see I what information is exchanged.

How it works: To Understand working of VPN see this picture Here is first path without VPN here we directly connect with any site and they get our IP but when we use VPN first of all,we connect a third party server and server connected to site and site got server IPworking-of-vpn


On hiding identity, no one  can trace hacker so he/she will not be caught on hacking websites.

AAim Victim

Aim victim means if you want to hack facebook account of b then b is your victim.

CCrack Encrypt

encrypt data means convert information into a cipher or code, especially to prevent unauthorized access. Now crack encrypt means find data that encrypt our account data(username and password) is encrypted by company hackers can use Man in Middle Attack to decrypt data

 KKill Firewall

Firewall:  These are basically parts of a computer that are used to block unauthorized access to a network. Every college wifi uses a firewall to block sites. Now kill firewall mean that access blocked content.

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E – Enter into Database

Database: basically this is a structured data on a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways. For example, we open a Facebook account by typing password and username because Facebook has made a database for accounts. Enter into database means that full access to a database by unauthorized access.

RReturn Anonymous

Return anonymous means that Go back without getting any hint to the victim.

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