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Hack Facebook account password with android phone [6 ways]

Harinderpreet singh Last updated

hack fb account using android phoneAndroid is more than the operating system has incredible features. In this post, we will talk about how can you hack  Facebook account using Android. This process is very simple you do not need any technical knowledge just follow given steps. Some attacks are also working on other accounts like Twitter, Gmail, etc.
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Before getting the start I want informs you there is no universal method which can hack all accounts. It will depend upon on your friend’s knowledge etc. There are mainly 6 methods to hack accounts through Android.
There are many fake apps available in Google play store with the name of hack Facebook/FB. A few of them are paid but not a single app work. Do you think the Facebook owner is stupid? The company spends millions of dollars to take care their user security.

Here is an app is known as Password FB hacker prank downloaded by 50000 thousand users. password fb hack pranklet what is company documentation about their app.password fb hack prank documantion actually, there is no real app or website [all are fake] to hack  Facebook accounts but don’t be sad follow these methods

Do you know
Facebook pays at least $500 who find any security hole in Facebook. If all accounts could hack with a website then why they will do free. They will submit error to FB to make money like Jack Whitten. He finds a way to hack all Fb accounts, and he submitted error and received $20000. Online accounts could be hacked by making user fool.
Here are all ways to making a Facebook user fool to get his/her password.
Dissimilar: This is only for knowledge I am not responsible for any security issue.

Methods to hack FB using Android Mobile

  1. Using anomor
  2. Making fake login page of Facebook login URL known as phishing
  3. By making fake Application
  4. Using spy & keyloggers application
  5. Using auto save feature of browser
  6. By changing the password without knowing current password.

How to hack FB account step by step

Using anomor: This is website which helps to hack FB account [it is not automatically]. It is the easiest way to hack fb from mobile

Here is how can you use it.

  1. Open and make an account it is required.
  2. Now login your account and click on link 1 in front of Facebook as shown in the screenshot.anomor
  3. It will something like Just send this link to victim If he/she enter the password you will get the password.facebook hack anomor

How to see password

  • Login your account to
  • Click on My victim and you can see this username and password.anomor victim

Make fake login page of the Facebook Login page:  This is old, best and easiest method to hack Facebook account not only mobile also work desktop. In hacking, it is known as phishing.

To understand phishing see this screenshot which looks like Facebook login page but in reality, it is fake ( phishing page have a different URL).

In other words, It is website look like original Facebook.   fake login fake of facebook (phishing) If anybody login here he/she will redirect to the Facebook and his username and password will be saved in text file. Like other you do not need any coding, it is just simple paste coding. I think this is the best way to hack accounts and most famous for hacking accounts.

Read Advance guide to phishing

How to make fake login page screenshot guide

You can create the fake login page using wapka mobi But you can’t open this fake page in UC browser for opening in UC here is full tutorial step by step with screenshots to make phishing page.
  • Download this attachment file from here or try alternative
  • it includes 9 files (data.php, data1.php, index.php, Mobile_Detect.php, desktop.jpg, follow.jpg, login.jpg, desktop_files(folder), users.txt)  as shown in screenshotfb-phishing-page-files
  • Step 2 signup for a free web hosting
    000webhost is good
    Note: Use UC, chrome or firefox browser.
  • Open signup form of ooowebhost and fill the all signup form and click on button Get Free Hosting. (Make sure you typed a sub-domain or pay money if you choose other). [00webhosting will not detect this page]. Your subdomain should look like original FB so your victim unable to identify it e.x faceb0okloginearnmoneyhosting forms to make phishing page
  • Make sure you verify your account by email address after verifying you can see the active status and choose to go to Cpanel as shown in the status after making verfiying email address
  • Next step is about uploading so choose file manager.file-manager-to-upload-phsihing-files
    Note: there are also file manager 2 and 3 available, but you choose file manager as shown in the screenshot.
  • Next step you need to open a public_html folder and uninstall two files that already exists after deleting them choose upload button.uploading files in public_html folder
  • Below “Archive” section on the right side click on “Files“, Then tap File Manager and Select the downloaded zip file in step 1 (
    After uploading click on the green button.
    Wait to until uploads file size is not big you can upload using the 2g connection.successfully upload message by extracting filesDone
    you can access fake page adding  /?=facebook,
    accessing fake page by /?=facebook to bypass security it will help you to bypass the security check up here is an example login fake
    When victim login his account by email and password it will save in users.txt file
    to view password open file manager→public_html→users.txtusers.txt file with a saved password
How to send fake login URL to your victim or friend: Send a message with the description like Hey, Name login here Fake page URL It will make money for me. You can also use WhatsApp send a message like Facebook recently buy WhatsApp now they are combining WhatsApp and Facebook to enhance Facebook and Whatsapp behavior you have to log in here your page URL. Otherwise, your WhatsApp account will be suspended shortly. Keep your message short and don’t make any grammar mistake.
How to protect yourself:
  • Use good browser in like Chrome, Firefox in mobile some browser like Opera will not detect this phishing page
  • Mobile user should use Facebook app
  • Always check URL before login if you are logging in.
  • Facebook take user security seriously, so your URL will work only for 2-3 months after Facebook will not allow you to send URL
  • Now people are much more intelligent  knows about Phishing

By making the fake application:  There is no app to hack FB, but you can make an own app. Currently there no source where you can find how to make fake facebook app (some fake available on the internet). You have to learn to code for this. Find here how to development Android apps.

On the web, you can find many fake methods to create the fake/phishing facebook app. But I have tried these tricks are not working now.

Using spy & keyloggers application: These are some application using record every keyword type by the mobile user. Very easy to use you just need to install in your victim phone or install in your phone and convene your friends for login on your phone.

There are both paid and free applications available in play store. The paid software can be hidden, but for hiding free apps, you need a good launcher for your phone.

How to hack

choosing-shadow -keyboard

  • The last step open any app where you can open keyword like the message to some or opera mini browser. Scroll notification bar and tap on choose Input method and select English (Us) simple IME as shown in the screenshot.enable-shadow-keyboard
  • Now you are ready to view keywords type by victim open shadow and chose View to log in HTML viewer[proof shadow keylogger records every keystroke

If you install it in victim phone, then make sure you hide it you can hide it with the launcher like nova launcher and if can’t hide then apply password on it. To apply password open shadow→AUTHENTICATE

Tip: If your victim has messenger then go to settings→apps→messanger and clear data it will log out this account from messenger and he should login his account again.
How to secure your account
  • Never login in your friend’s mobile if necessary primary then Check keyword before login it should look like normal.
  • Install only trusted apps there are some apps available which can steal your information there is no scan in the play store so hackers can submit their apps quickly.

Read: full form of hacker

  • Not easy to install in victim phone.
  • Not easy to convey victim to login in your account.

Read:  keyloggers app for an android phone [better than shadow ]

Autosave feature:  In some browser, there is any option for autosave which will automatically save passwords and username without user information. It is also simple you just need change some settings in your browser.  Mainly two browsers which have auto save feature and you will definitely have these browsers. You can log in any time by pressing Login button. It is same as you save your password.

  1. UC browser
  2. UC Mini

Settings to change

  • Open Uc browser and in menu tap on settings→Browser settings and change form and password settings to auto save as shown in the save settings in uc-browser
  • Now your browser is ready just ask your friend to log in his password will automatically save you can login in his account without his password

If you want to see his password, then you follow given steps.

  • Open saved password web page here is facebook.comview save password by uc
  • Tap on password field now types anything after typing one word you will show button click on that to view password facebook web page

By changing the password without knowing current password: This is unique URL where you can modify the password without knowing the current password but doesn’t over excite it is not working for all accounts. If your victim forgets to log out his account from your phone or you can access your victim phone where he already login his account and change password with the help of this URL visit now

  • Needed an already log out account
  • Not working for all accounts

By Guessing:  This method does not need the technical term. It is just simple in hacking it is known as social engineering. Now don’t think like stupid. Mainly people use their mobile number girlfriend, boyfriend, city or village name, nickname, etc. or the combination of these words. But it will take much more time.

How to protect by UC browser
There is only one way to protect your account by putting the secure password. To make secure password think any sentence, for example, Khuspreet is one of my best friends. Now take the first word of each word it will look like kioombf. Which is 100% unguessable you can also add special sign like !@#$ and plus special sign like <>%^&*(  to make your password stronger.

  • Very very difficult
  • Facebook will not allow using weak password

Hacking methods that are working not more

There are some methods available which are not working, but some bloggers are posting that given blow.

Using binu app: Binu is an app that in this (talking about the previous version) you can log in your Facebook through a ULR which asks your message, public profile permission. The hacker sends that URL to the victim. When the user allows this app hacker will login his account without the password. This trick goes viral. But now binu owner Delete Fb login from the app. Now this tutorial is working no more

Faceniff: I don’t know why some bloggers provide hack Facebook using Android with the faceniff tutorial I also tried but not working.

Message Hope you enjoy these ways to hack Facebook accounts by Android if I forget something, please comment and don’t forget to share with your friends.

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