How to Hack router username & password 2018

Did you just hacked Wifi and now want to hacker router or you forget your router password then here is everything that you should know about router password hacking.
There are basically three ways to hack wifi router password ( In most cases first one works perfect but in college or office you can’t use it.)how to hack router using default login and password, brute force attack, wordlist attack with hydra and crunch, router exploit
OK, Like always no more words
Ways to hack router password.

  • Using default username and password
  • By applying brute force attack or wordlist attack
  • Using Router exploit.

Using default credentials

It is best when you are attacking someone personal/home router because people generally don’t change their password or Wifi hacking is not easy and router can hacked only if  you have are connected to wireless network.
Suppose if a hacker hacked wifi password then why he/she hack router password? Most of the people hack wifi to use the free internet that’s why people don’t change the default password. Another reason is some people really don’t know how to change the password.
Here are default username and password list for every router

Sr.N Username Password
1 admin admin
2 admin (blank)
3 admin password
4 admin secret

Here is how to hack router using default credentials

If you are using window then open cmd and type ipconfig and write down ip address of default gateway.
In most cases, it will be router login page using window operating system
If you are Linux user then replace cmd with terminal and ipconfig with the route I mean run route command.finding router Ip address using route command in Linux default gateway
For mobile Mobile user It is difficult but as I told you in most cases it is type in the browser and if it asks for username and password then you are right. Some mobile like redmi 4a shows router Ip address as shown in the screenshot. How to Hack router username & password 2018 1

Now you have successfully find router IP address next step is open your favorite browser and in the address bar copy paste that IP address. As you can see it needs Login credentials It is time to try above List.router login page In the case of personal/home router, you will be authorized (90% chance). IF you are a college student or want to hack office router then 99% chances you will not be authorized. In that case, use second way.

By Brute force or wordlist attack

I already explained what is a Brute force and wordlist attack in Hacking for beginners post.
Hope you know it.

Wordlist attack

We will create a custom wordlist with crunch because it is easy to use. Here is command to create wordlist

crunch 5 8  123456 -d [email protected] -o password.txt

Now let me explain this

crunch use to launch crunch tool which is used to create custom wordlist
5 It tells the crunch that password minimum length in 5
8 It tells the crunch that password maximum length in 8. Make sure that is space between 5 and 8
123456 these are the character to use in the custom word list. Now it will create wordlist only this character you can replace depending upon your target but I attacking my own machine and I know the password.
-d [email protected] -d [email protected] argument force crunch to make wordlist without repeating any character.
-o password.txt it is our path to save the result. -o is the argument and password.txt is filename it will create this file automatically and save in current working directory which is /root in my case.

Kali Linux commands for beginners
you can confirm by running ls command but no need of it.
We have created wordlist successfully Now time is to apply every word as the password. I will use hydra for you can also xhydra which is Graphical user interface version of Hydra. Here is command

hydra -l admin -P password.txt http-head

Now let me explain this
hydra for launching hydra tool
-l admin it tells the hydra that username is admin which is in 99.9% cases. you can also pass wordlist for username but no need of it.
-P password.txt it is the password file where are passwords are stored which we have created earlier. Make sure you typed P in uppercase I have wasted my 2 hours because I used lower case p then I write an email to Hydra creator and they reply me.  email sipport from hydra creator
Free support too (Reply within 10 minutes). this is about our target which is I have told you above how to find router IP address.
http-header This is protocol I don’t think so I need to explain it. Basically, it is the protocol used for the router. For website login & password you can use http-form-post. Don’t try on Facebook or Gmail they are smarter than you.
it will launch wordlist attack.
As you can see it find my password.

password hacking hydra and crunch wordlist attack

Using brute force attack

hope you know it I already told you Hydra can launch brute force attack here is the command

hydra -s 80 x 5:5:1 -l admin http-head  -V

Now let me explain this
-s 80 it tells attacking port no.  is 80 which is HTTP port
x 5:5:1 it launch brute force attack of here x 5:5:1 tells the minimum password length and next digit tells the maximum password length x 5:5:1 it tells that password is including only digital numbers ( mean 0-9) For lower alpha replace 1 with a. For upper case replace a with A.
-V it is not necessary to but it will show you every login attempt.

Here is result

brute force attack on router using hydra
you can also pass -F for stopping when login username and password find by default it will continue  until all combinations are not applied you have to stop it by pressing ctrl+c.
Tip: you can also apply two or more password combinations, for example, A1 will apply all combination of uppercase and number. Hope that makes sense.

Brute force  attack vs wordlist attack

I think wordlist attack is better than Brute force attack because we can create custom password list which saves our time. In this tutorial I used -d [email protected] argument which forces not to repeat any character but in brute force attack, we can’t do it.

My tip

hydra -l admin -p password http-head -o save.txt; shutdown

If you run this command it will start wordlist attack and save the result to file save.txt and shutdown your computer when it finds correct password. Run this command and go to sleep

Using router exploit

Using the internet you can find exploit almost any machine. I can’t post practical or my router because it will be different for the different router. Just search on internet model no. exploit. you can also use routersploit but there is 99% chance that it will not find any Vulnberlity.

You can also use routersploit framework. Here is everything which you should know this framework.

How to install it

apt-get install routersploit

How to use routersploit

type routersploit and press enter. it will launch this tool

Now as you can see it is like Metasploit.

Run this command to check Vulnerability

use scanners/autopwn


it will run all exploit to find the vulnerability. As you see my machine is not the vulnerability by any exploit.scanning using routersploit
Generally, it did not find any vulnerability then click here.

How to protect your router

  • First of all, make sure your  WiFI password is strong enough.
  • User default credentials username and password both. A lot of people change the only password which is Vulnerable to brute force attack.
  • Some expensive router has the facility that they automatically block the account if you type 5 times wrong username or password.

Hope you have learned something about router password hacking. In the case of you are unable to understand or need any further help then let me know by comments. I am free for you

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