How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner

Snapchat is next level social media app. It is totally different from Facebook, Instagram etc. Snapchat camera feature is copied by Facebook and Instagram.How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 2

In today article  I will show you how to hack someone Snapchat account easily. Hacking Snapchat is not easy you need patience and time.

On the internet, you can find many fake websites claiming about hacking Snapchat within 5 minutes etc. Believe me or not hacking did not work like this. It is time-consuming and you can hack Snapchat account by making your victim fool.

These are top ways to Hack Snapchat account.

  1. Using phishing
  2. By keylogger
  3. Using social engineering
  4. Autosave feature of the browser.
  5. By Hacking smartphone message.

By phishing Method

A lot of users are complaining that they are unable to understand the process so I have created video.

This is the old, best and most comfortable method to hack Snapchat account not only mobile also work desktop. In hacking, it is known as phishing.

To understand phishing see this screenshot which looks like Snapchat login page but in reality, it is fake ( phishing page have a different URL).

In other words, It is website look like original pagehacking-snapchat If anybody login here he/she will redirect to the Snapchat and his username and password will be saved in text file. Like other methods you do not need any coding, it is just copy-pasting.

How to create Snapchat Phishing Page

You can Hackers create phishing page by php then save credentials in a text file but Browser detects it and warn the user. To bypass this problem We will use firebase. Firebase is a serverless architecture mainly used to build apps.

Go to firebase official website. Log in your Gmail account if you did not log in your account. Click on Go to console as shown in the screenshot.

I already created some projects. You can create a new one by clicking on Add project.adding project in firebase

Type your project name and chose country then click on Create project.

Click on Database then Under Real-time Database chooses to Get Started then ENABLE.How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 3

Then go to project Overview and click on Add Firebase to the web app and copy code project overview

Download snapchat phishing file here, extract it and there will a file index.html open it change these codes with your firebase code. (You will find these code at the bottom)snapchat phishing

Now upload these code to any free web hosting like

Open 000webhost and create or log in your account. After that click on the File manager.uploading fb phishing files

Scroll down and click on Upload Files nowHow to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 4

and select the zipped folder.

After uploading extract it. It will ask you folder name type snapchat. How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 5

Your phishing page is ready just open your domain/snapcht.  My domain name is Here is the screenshot of snapchat phishing.snapchat phishing if anybody will login Here I can see passwords in firebase-database section.

Using keylogger Apps (It is the best way)

Another very awesome way to Hack Snapchat account. Basically, keylogger is special software or app that record very keyboard activity mean every alphabet and save these results in a file. So when your victim login to his/her account. It will save username and password.

For the computer, you can use keylogger

For Android/iPhone, I recommend you using ikeymonitor.

It will record everything and you did need any physical access to the device again and again. It will send results online.

For this go to ikeymonitor and signup for a new account. This is a paid keylogger but you can use it free for 3 dayssignup-for-account


After signup check your email account. You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like from ikeymonitor

Open ikeymonitor and log in with your account. When you log in you will see this popup

choosing operating systenm

I’m using android so I will choose android. On the Confirm page choosing anything from first two options. I will choose the first option.

confirm page

After that, It will show you an app download download link

Download this and install in your victim phone. Installation is very simple It will ask for the license key that you receive in your mailbox. In any case, you don’t know how to log in then use this link for help

After successful installation, you can receive logs online. I just open my WhatsApp and type some random words here are captured keystrokes

So not only Snapchat you can capture and other apps data too.

Tip: If you want to only password then uninstall then install the Snapchat app on your victim phone. It will log out the Snapchat account ( or clear data app)

Read: Best android keylogger apps 

Using Social Engineering

Not only Snapchat hacking social engineering skills do 50% work in real-world Hacking. Basically, social engineering is understanding your victim behavior.  I mean a lot of guys set password his name, mobile number of girlfriend name.

Social engineering is not only related to guess the password. For example, you have created phishing page. How will you convey victim to log into his/her account? Here social engineering plays a role. I mean you can send a message you will get a free recharge etc.

I hope you understand what I want to say.

One more example

Do you know you can spoof calls? I mean you can change the number to anything. You can even call someone by his own number. Yes, this is possible.

This website spoofcard works very well for spoofing calls. But it is paid and illegal in many countries like India.

I hope you understand what is social engineering skill.

By extracting from Saved password

we know remembering password is not easy. That’s why we save the password in the browser. You can extract snapchat password from Here. I will show you tutorial using Google Chrome browser for desktop. ok, follow these steps.

Open Google chrome settingsHow to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 6

Scroll down and tap on Advanced settings.How to hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide to Beginner 7

Scroll down and Click on Manage Passwords.manage password in chrome

It will show you all saved password in the browser.saved password Click on Eye symbol to see your password. You can use the search box to filter result.

By Hacking smartphone message

You can use this to Hack Whatsapp account too.  Using ikeymonitor which is keylogger you can also view text messages. Go to snapchat login click on forgot password type username and reset the password by phone. You can view code using the ikeymonitor app.

Hacking snapchat is not very difficult but it is also not an easy task.

I hope you have learned something New from this article that will help. Face any problem them let me know by comments.

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