21 Hacking apps for the Android phone: List of best apps 2019

Android is more than a smartphone. With some hacking apps, you can turn into a completely hacking machine.  Although the computer is a computer android can do some really amazing task.hacking apps that will turn your android smartphone into hacking machine

Hacking WiFi, networking spoofing, device monitor etc.

I have tested a lot of apps. Some apps did not work on these days but other blogs just post them without testing them.

In this, I have listed only working apps. I hope you will like these apps.

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I have divided these apps into two categories: Apps for learning hacking (1-4) and hacking tools for android (5-16).

Best Hacking Apps for Android User

1. Kali Linux Tutorials Offline

In this app, you can learn how to use Kali Linux tools. This is not for new beginners but if you know something about Kali Linux or already installed Kali Linux then use this app to learn how to use Kali Linux. It does not require any internet.

kali linux tutorial offline

2. Linux command Library

 You know how much Linux commands are useful for a hacker. Almost all hackers use Linux operating system. Linux commands are very important for hacking. Using this app you can learn Linux commands.

Linux command hacking app

3. Cyber Security Training & Kali

 Again you have clear basics of hacking. In this, you will learn SQL injection, cross-site scripting, File include etc. watch this video to know more.

4. Learn Metasploit

 Metasploit is a very famous tool for pen testing. If you start using Kali Linux or any other Linux distribution for Hacking then use this app to learn Metasploit. I will not recommend this app to beginners.

metasploit app

So the above apps will help you to learn Hacking but following apps are used for hacking. I read many articles about hacking apps for android. Most of the articles are outdated. Bloggers did not update their articles. Apps like Faceniff will not work today.

All these apps are working in the current date, I don’t know about the future.

5. Zanti

You already heard of this app. It is used for wifi hacking. You can use it with and without rooting.  Some features are working with root only.zanti

What you can do with zanti

  • Scan the whole network
  • show alive host
  • scan port through Nmap
  • Scan service running on each port
  • Find vulnerability
  • Perform Brute force attack
  • Perform Shellshock
  • Man In The Middle Attack
  • Session Hijacking
  • SSL Striping (it is not working anymore because google fix all issues in their latest update)
  • Sniffing packets
  • Replace image
  • Redirect URL and IP

If you are a beginner maybe you don’t like this app. But if you know something about hacking then you will find it very useful.


6. Termux

This is my favorite app for Hacking. It is really awesome. Using this you can install many hacking tools on an Android smartphone like Metasploit, Nmap etc. Using this you can learn Linux commands too.

[appbox googleplay com.termux]

It is available in play store and it works without root. You need a lot of patience if you are new to Hacking because this is not beginners. That’s why I link Linux commands app for users

Here are some tutorials for termux

Getting start with Termux

How to install a package on termux

How to install Metasploit

Metasploit in action

How to install Nmap

Nmap tutorial for beginners

You need patience in starting because you are a beginner. If you need my help let me know by comments


7. Fing – Network Tools

As clear for its name, it is a network scanning tool. You can scan your wifi network using this tool. It will scan the whole network and discover all connected devices IP address. You can also find network speed using this app.

Using this you will get full detailed of your connected devices I mean their IP address, Mac Address, device name, Model etc.

You can analysis device in advance with the help of NetBIOS, UPnP etc.

this app is rated 4.5 by 2,93,335 users which tells how amazing this app is.


8. Hackode

This is not a hacking app. It can be used for collecting information like IP address, traceroute etc. Personally, I don’t like this app. But you can try it

If you know SQL injection then you can find SQL vulnerable website using Google dorks that are present in this app. But will you manually hack an SQL injection website using a mobile phone? Sound strange!


9. Kali Linux NetHunter

This app is awesome your smartphone will not support this app. You need to root your phone. You can use tools like mac changer, nmap, custom commands etc.

Here is how to install netHunter on any Android smartphone. Believe me or not it is risky.


10. Network Mapper

This is an unofficial version of Nmap for Android users. You can’t do advance things like os scanning etc. This app is available in google play store.

network mapper tool: android hacking app

Overall for networking scanning, I found the best app is zanti


11. DroidSqli

For those who are familiar with SQL injection. It can be a time-saving app.  It will automatically find tables etc information.  All SQL injection like Time based, blind, error and normal can be done by DroidSqli.


12. Encrypt Decrypt Tools

how many of you know encryption and decryption. You can use this app for encrypting and decrypting data. Most of the time in hacking sometimes you have to give data by encrypting in base16, 32 etc.

If you know well know about encryption then you can use this tool. It does both works It will also encrypt as well as decrypt data.

App has both free and pro version. Some encryption algorithm available in the pro version and free version contains ads.

The encryption algorithm that will you get in this app

Base :
– Base16
– Base32
– Base64
– Base85 (PRO VERSION)

Conversion :
– Hex
– Decimal
– Binary

Cipher :
– Atbash
– Caesar
– ROT13
– Vigenere
– Affine
– Rail Fence
– Scytale
– Beaufort (PRO VERSION)
– Baconian (PRO VERSION)

Hash :
– MD2
– MD5
– SHA-1
– SHA-3
– SHA-224
– SHA-256
– SHA-384
– Keccak (PRO VERSION)

String Tools :
– URL Encode
– HTML Entities
– Reverse


13. WPS connect

You can wps be enabled wifi using this app. WPS security is vulnerable. There is a pin that can be used as the password. This app just uses these default pins. Most of the time it will hack wifi network.

You can apply brute force attack too using this app.


14. SSHDroid

You can you can remotely access any computer using ssh. People use to connect to their server. It is passwordless authentication. You can connect your android phone too using ssh. This is not a hacking app. You can connect the phone present in your network if they installed SSHDroid


15. DriveDroid

How amazing this if can create bootable USB drive using an android phone. But you are probably thinking how can we use for hacking.

Let me explain

We can use live Linux which means you do not need to install to use it. So You can use it and browse files or password open app.

But you do not Need to crack password you can get full access without the password.

I recommend you to View this Video before using it

You can even install Linux using this. Make sure you have a fast internet connection because you have to download the image file from the internet.


16. Orbot: Proxy with Tor

How many use tor for Hiding location on the computer. Basically there no person who can find your real location if you are browsing using Tor.

People do illegal deals like selling drugs, weapons using this way. Now you can this network on your android phone too.

This app is installed by 10,000,000+ users and it has 4.5 Rating by 141,870 users.


These apps can be used to monitor android devices. Like for collection call records, WhatsApp SMS etc. This is a complete list of best spy apps.

If you want to hack your girlfriend/boyfriend phone then try these apps. These apps will record every keyword typed by her/his phone then send it remotely back to you

17. ikeymonitor

This is the best keylogger I have found. It is paid but you can use it on a free trial for 3 days. Don’t worry it will not ask for the credit card.

It will remotely send you all log files like SMS, call record and keystroke. Although it records all keystrokes but it separates all apps data. It will send log files after 5 minutes.
You can set the Time interval to send log files.
How to Install

  1. Visit ikeymonitor and click on download free trialkeylogger app (ikeymonitor)
  2. After signup check your email account. You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like this.email from ikeymonitor
  3. Open ikeymonitor and log in with your account. When you log in you will see this popupchoosing operating systenm
  4. I’m using android so I will choose android. On the Confirm page choosing anything from first two options. I will choose the first option.confirm page
  5. After that, It will show you an app download link.app download link
  6. Download this and install in your victim phone. Installation is very simple It will ask for the license key that you receive in your mailbox. In any case, you don’t know how to log in then use this link for help
  7. After successful installation, you can receive logs online. I just open my WhatsApp and type some random words here are results.android captured keystrokesAs you see it will send you key records online. Just install once and then forget about it.

18. Hoverwatch

 Another free keylogger apps that send log files remotely. Between hoverwatch and ikeymonitor I will prefer ikeymonitor. Because of the free version, hoverwatch have limited features while ikeymonitor provide all features in the free trial.


19. copy9

This spy app is similar to ikeymonitor. If you can spend money then try this one because in long terms it is cheaper than ikeymonitor. The installation process is almost similar to ikeymonitor.


20. Background Video Recorder

These spy apps are expensive. Right! So I have a simple solution for you. How if you can record your phone device screen in the background.

I mean then you can use this as spy app but it will not send recorded videos online. You can only use it on your phone.

There are many apps similar to it but I have found this is better than others. You can apply password as well as on this app.background recording


Hacking Apps that are working not more

I told you before publishing this article have read many blogs and I found some blogger has listed many outdated apps that are working not more today don’t waste your time on these apps It will not work for you.

FaceNiff: I completely hate this. Because I read it everywhere you can hack facebook account etc. Guys Google is stepping ahead. These bugs are fixed many years ago.

ok, let me explain. If you are connected to a network then you can view all HTTP data (like password filled by the user) of any devices connected to that network.

To handle this problem we have https (s means secure) Basically in this browser will encrypt with data. So hacker was unable to read it. He needs a key that is different for every computer.

But some find a way to bypass https so they can view all data of network. FaceNiff is used for this purpose. Now Google has fixed this issue.

Androrat: First of all, you will not find the download link for this app and it is the complete waste of time. I don’t use it is not working for any device or because it created a lot of years ago and not updated again.

This is basically a spy app. You can use the above-listed apps for spying. Don’t try this one

WiFi-Kill: This is basically wifi jammer app. It claims that it will stop wifi on other devices. You need to root your phone to use this app. I tested it.

I have tested on two devices that are rooted but no result. Maybe that wifi network is good enough. Anyway, it did not work for me.


I hope you like these apps. If you have any problem then let me know by comments. I will happy to help you.

21 Hacking apps for the Android phone: List of best apps 2019
21 Hacking apps for the Android phone: List of best apps 2019 1

Android is more than a smartphone. With some hacking apps, you can turn into a completely hacking machine.  Although the computer is a computer android can do some really amazing task.

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