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how to hide Ip adress In this lesson, we well talk about how can you hide your identity/browse anonymously or Change Ip address

There are several ways to hide or change your Ip address in Kali Linux

  1. Using proxychain
  2. Using Vpn
Free VPN and proxy reduce your site speed. If you want to consider something serious [scan], then use premium VPN or proxies. I am serious it will take 1-2 minute to load a simple website.

Make sure you visit hacking for beginners to know how proxy and VPN are working.

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Proxychains to Hide IP

In this method, you change IP address by going the number of proxy as wish as you want. Kali has a proxy file you have to edit your working proxy manually. Proxychain is working by three ways.

Static: by default it is static. In this system is go all proxy. If you there is one dead proxy then your system will not work.

Dynamic: In this way, is a proxy is dead system leave and check all other proxies. Dynamic is much better than static change.

Random: it selects random proxy from given proxies. Different for different URL. In the case of any proxy is dead then it selects another Proxy.

Ok, Let’s see how can you do it.

Open your terminal and type following commands

cd /

[it will change directory from user to root]

nano /etc/proxychains.conf

[it will open /etc/proxychains.conf file] as shown in the screenshot. proxychains.conf

Now scroll down go to end here you can add own proxies.

Open google type free socks5 proxies [ keep in mind socksk5 proxy is better than HTTP and socks4]

Here I find the site here is enough number of proxies. To add proxy go to the terminal back again [ proxychains.Conf file] add proxy as shown in the screenshot. The first protocol then proxy after that port. Add proxies as wish you want to add. Here I have added only three and saved the file.
How  to Hide your IP for browsing anonymously 1

To use proxychains type proxychains before using tool

for example To use firefox type in terminal

proxychains Firefox


proxychains firefox

Note: Make sure you close the Firefox before doing this

To use proxychains for scanning type

proxychains nmap -f

VPN: Although proxy change your ip address, but it does not encrypt your data. VPN fully encrypts your information. Nobody like your isp can see that what you are doing.

How to setup free Vpn

  1. ok, for this first of all open and click on openvpn as show in the screenshot.chosing openvpn from vpnbook
  2. click to download vpn I recommanded you to chose from 1st or 2nd because other vpn are only good for web browsing will not help in scanning. downloading vpn from vpnbook
  3. After download extract it and open that folder as shown in the screenshot.  opening extracting folder of vpnbook
  4. Now right click anywhere in the folder and click on open in terminal.
  5. Ok, now type openvpn vpnbook-euro1-tcp443.ovpn it will ask you for the username and password.
     openvpn connecting

    • Username: vpnbook
    • Password: phu5sh8
  6. These username and password are avialable at . After that presss enter to connect to vpn.
VPN vs Proxy
As I told you above VPN is the better way to protect your data. But free VPN is very slow. I have recently check news about free Vpn keep logs [ see what you search on the internet] and leak your information.

Best for black hat hackers or illegal service

For browsing websites, you can use Tor browser. It does not need steps to hide ip address. You can also install free VPN inside this browser by extension. By this, you can also access the dark web. Here are installation steps.

Till, today nobody is able to crack but in some cases crminal are catech like I have read I news in a country Tor is illegal and I have boy start using tor because he is alone.

In 2013 FBI catch a man who sells drugs online [they did not crack tor] actually they find mac address of that computer and then arrest him.

Browse anomously using script

There is one more way to hide your IP in linux using script. script are created by some expert guy to uploadedto github for using free. Here is custom which is non as anonsurf you can use it free. Here are simple steps.

Open your terminal and type

git clone

It will create a folder in working directory type ls to see weather you cloned it or not.

Now open that folder and type ./ it will install anonsurg into your system
anonsurfNow when it is installed type anonsurf -h it will show all commands of anonsurf

Make sure you have root user permission to run this

To start this type

anonsurf start

to stop this just replace start with stop.

Tip: you want to change your ip then anonsurf restart it will change your IP address.

How to your proxy or vpn working or not

ok, Here are some simple ways that you should do for stopping your leaking IP address. By defaults there options are enabled you have to disable it. Here is how to do it

First of all, Open firfox browser and in address bar type about:config. I will warn you as shown in the screenshot it will void warranty don’t worry nothing is wrong click on I accept the risk!.void warranty

Now it open config file in the search box type media.peerconnection.enabled as shown in the screnshot.

media.peerconnection.enabled disable to stop ip address leakage by vpn

Last step: double click on this to change value from true to false. Now your secure.

Ways to find fake IP address

Go to terminal and type curl it will show you public IP address run this command before start proxy or vpn and check is it different if it is same then something is wrong.

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