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installing kali linuxWelcome to the second chapter In this we  will discuss installing Kali Linux

If you don’t know what is Kali Linux?  It is operating system used by hackers because it has all software that needed in Hacking. It is free and open source [open source mean you can modify it and sell it without permission]

Installing Kali Linux is some complex for beginners here is the full post to know how to fix it.

You can dual boot with windows or install it inside the window known as virtualization.

Note: This is Rumour Kali is best os for penetrating testing. Actually, Linux is best for penetrating testing. No matter which distribution Kali, Parrot or any other. I have seen Many experts using fedora for penetrating testing. I am using Parrot Os because I am unable to install Kali. You can use any other distribution also for hacking but If you never tried any distribution then use Kali.

No more words let come to point

How to dual boot with Kali Linux

Here is the full article to know how to dual boot with Kali Linux. Make sure that your computer has at least 1 GB of ram and dual core processor. You also need a fast internet connection to download Kali Linux [size is 2.9 GB]. No problem which window 7, 8 etc. you are using processor is same.

Dual boot is good for better speed and user experience.

Installing Kali Linux in inside window operating system

As I told you above it is known as virtualization. One of biggest disadvantage is the problem with wifi connection. You have to buy a wireless connection for using wifi inside Kali Linux.

For this, you need a software virtual box or VMware.

No doubt VMware is better than the virtual box but it is paid. VMware gives you better speed and drag and drop from the client machine to host machine and speed is also good. On the Otherside, virtual box is free and not good speed but it is free, so it is good.

Vmware also has the free version. You can search on google free Vmware Pro 🙂

Hope you have decided which you want to use or download your software from the official site.

Here is how to install in virtual box

How to install Kali Linux inside Vmware

This is best video I have found from youtube check it out. Download VMware from here

You also need a wireless adapter for using wifi if you want to Hack Wifi. It is not expensive normally price between $ 7-15 [₹350-1000]. I will not recommend anyone use according to your budget.

Kali Linux Live feature: While installation there is an option of Live feature basically it allow you run Kali Linux until you did not switch off your machine. Only For Wifi Hacking, this is the best option.

Installing Kali Linux In android: If your Android phone is powerful, then you can install Kali Linux on your android phone. off course, you need a fast connection and root your phone. It will consume 4 GB space.installing kali linux in android phone

but I will not recommend you this because Although Android is powerful but not as Pc. Wait and Think Android for Pc tasks not make any sense according to me.

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Basic Kali Linux commands for Hacking

Hope you have installed Kali Linux in virtual box or using any other way. In this lesson, I am talking about basic commands in Kali Linux, not all only that you needed in starting a + free source of learning all Linux commands. Before commands, I want to introduce you Terminal. The terminal is software as commands prompt available is window operating system. Linux works on command system, hacking also. You can open terminal from the sidebar as shown in the screenshot. To understand File directory of Linux is important. Directory mean folder root is the Main directory of Linux it is shown denoted

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