How to re-invite friends to Facebook Fan page

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. It has 1.59 billion monthly active users. That’s why it best for promoting your business, site etc is best from other social networking sites. You can make your fan page for promoting your site, business but forgetting like on your fan page you can invite your friends and choose paid option to get likes. Generally, our friends don’t like the page on inviting and there is no option to re-invite and on I read some post on the internet they write to make a new to re-invite which is the worst article I saw in my life. There is no need to make a new page. your friends but don’t worry if friends don’t like your page using trick you can invite unlimited times your friends to like any fan page.

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How to re-invite friends to like the Fan page

  1. First of all, create an event with the name of Like my fan page or Some interesting Technology lovers like this page. An interesting Event name is needed so visitor read your event description where you provide your link of a Facebook page. You can also make a description with the name of Like this page and invite friends to get an iPhone but I will recommend you not to make your friends fool.
  2. In location add your page link and click on just use as shown in the screenshot. It will be anchor text so people can open your page from the link. Use of location to re-inviting friends
  3. In description provide some interesting like Hello friends here I am re-inviting to like my fan page if you don’t like my page on inviting

In the description, your page link is needed because location link works only for computer user although you provide link location but this will show as text to mobile users and make sure that you Guests can invite friends. You can also add Event photo to create a beautiful event for more likes. Try to write a short description so that your friends should not bore while reading.

Now invite your friends you can invite your friends manually or you can use facebook social toolkit (Download now) to invite friends at once.

How to invite friends to an event using the Facebook social toolkit

Before starting you should know you can only invite 500 friends to an Event. Download chrome facebook social toolkit extension from here.

  1. Log in your Facebook id and click on Fst→Invite friends to an event.
  2. Sometimes it will open a new tab of and you can see it will ask information about event id friends starting and event info
  3. Now go to your event link to see Event id as shown in the screenshot.
    event id
    event id selected

    In starting friend number enter 1 and in ending friends number add 500 because you can only invite 500 friends to an event and make sure that your friend extraction should complete. These days, everybody has more than 500 friends so inviting these create a new event but in starting friends number add 501 and ending friend number add 1000.

Tip: If you want to get proper likes on a fan page then invite friends when they are online most of the people are online at night. So start inviting friends at 7 pm.
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Second Method:
Second method: If you use this method with the correct way it can boost your likes with n day and not only your friends of friends can be like your page. I am talking page sharing page on your timeline. Some of them defiantly try this method but not get likes because you didn’t make it in the correct way. Follow given steps get likes by sharing your page
Provide some interesting description you can use your site Meta description to while sharing Like want to know about #technology, #hacking, android tricks like this page (your page link)

Make sure that your privacy should be public so it will reach to everyone.

Try to Tag friends which don’t like your page and which have a huge friend list.

Share at right time generally, people online at night so share the page in the evening.

Request your friends to comment on page share post so it will reach to your friends of friends. You can ask your friends to share your page

Make sure that you are getting a good number of likes on your posts means your post should reach to your friends if you new and starting sharing then you will not get likes so post some interesting photo and status and when you start getting a good number of likes then share your page

Can you re-invite by my making a new account and adding all of your friends?

Well, the answer to this question is no you can’t re-invite by making a new account. if you do like this you see people invited by you are already ticking on invited friends. You cannot re-invite any person to like your fan page.

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