How to secure your WiFi Network from hackers

secure wifi from hackersAfter posting a lot of post about wifi Hacking in this post I will show how you can secure your wifi from hackers.

No system has 100% security in the world because people discover new hacking techniques.

But I am promising you after reading you can secure your WiFi from normal hackers or anybody who use google to know about WiFi hacking.

Here are some simple steps that will secure your WiFi

Disable WPS: This first step to secure your WiFi.  In WPS network use a pin which can be applied as a password. Now problem is that on Internet default pin of every router is available. Apps like WPS tester apply this pin against router which makes every router easy to hack.

If you change default WPS pin then Hacker can apply brute force attack. By brute force attack, WPS can be hacked within 40 minutes. So disable WPS.

To disable WPS login to your router authorized page and in the wireless setting (mine is advanced wireless) Check Disable WPS. Actually, the procedure is different for a different router.

disable wps

Never USE WEP: Nobody is using WEP security because it is like No security. It is really outdated security.

Reduce your signal: In every router, there is the option of radio frequency which means Signal. If you reduce your Wifi Signal then hacker don’t know there is WiFi network. This is a very common option but believe it works.
Bottom Line: Reduce WiFi signal as much you can.reduce wifi signal

Create a strong password: Although few people use Wordlist attack but creating a strong password gives you advance security. Normal people try owner name, mobile no. or the combination. Here is how to create a strong password

  1. Think a sentence like Khuspreet is my best friend
  2. Next step is pickup first letter from every word it is like
  3. Including special character [email protected]#$%^ will make your password something like this
    [email protected]#

I will suggest you include special character between character not at the end.
Bottom Line: Make sure your password is strong and at least 10 characters long.

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Turn On Dos Prevention: Although it will not protect you from WPA handshake attack but It will stop someone to creating WIFI jammer. As you see can see you can limit packets. I will sugest to remain it as 100 packets/second. If you change it 1 then It will reduce your WiFi speed.dos prevention

Hide your WiFi: No doubt, Everyone can find Hidden WiFi. But the question how a hacker will know there is WiFi network available ? If the attacker is using Computer then Window 10 will show him there is hidden WiFi available. Don’t forget apply another security. To Hide your IP disable Broadcast SSID hide wifi signal

How to Find a Hidden WiFi Network within 5 minutes

Turn off WiFi when not in Use: If you read above paragraph then you know why. One more benefit of this Turning off WiFi is  that hacker will not enjoy Free WiFi maybe he stop using your WiFi.  It will stop electricity too (LOL)

Create a strong password for the router: Suppose a hacker hacked your WiFi then he will definitely try to hack router password. Changing router password and username too.

How to hack WiFi router password: 3 unique ways

Make sure remote login is disabled: By router you can controll your WiFi system. In the router,  remote login option which is used to access router outside from the network. If you disable it nobody can see your WiFi password.

By default it is disabled.

Your ISP never ask for the password: if you see something like this then that’s mean somebody is trying to hack your password. Never enter the password. In this situation turn of WiFi for few minutes.

fluxion wifi hacking password forum for victim

If Speed is slow check connected Device: Manully checking connected device is  cool. If you speed is suddenly slow then you should check connected devices to your WiFi. Using  WiFi Inspector app you can find how many device are connected to your WiFi (without router password).

Regularly change the password: I think I did not need to explain why you should change password regularly.

These are simple tricks, steps  to secure  your WiFi. I hope you have learned something new from it. If you have any suggestion feel free to ask me. I reply to everyone.

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