Spotify Premium Access Free on Android/IPhone (100% working)

How many of you use Spotify? It gets a great digital music service. Many countries, it is not available like India etc.

It has nearby almost 83 million subscribers worldwide.spotify premium free

Don’t worry if it is not unavailable in your Country. Here you will also learn how to get Spotify Premium Free.

But the only problem is that it is not free. If you are looking for Spotify Premium Access free then here you will also learn how to get Spotify premium free.

Spotify has both free and paid plans. In the Free Plan, you will face ads, you can’t listen offline and you will get low-quality music.

Although Spotify provides you premium plan 3 months for $0.99.  But after 3 months the price is $9.99 per month.

Don’t worry Here I have a solution to all of your problems.  Keep the article till the end.

There are two main ways to get Spotify premium free.

Outdated ways to Get Spotify Premium Free

Using Cracked App: Before writing this article I have viewed thousands of articles actually all Spotify premium free articles is about a cracked which is not working anymore.

If you want to waste your time then you can but I tell you which is not a working method.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free

Look Here I’m not talking crack app. The ways I’m posting here are 100% working ways.

Using Spotify Accounts

But If I give 100% working free Spotify premium accounts. Then you able to use Spotify premium on any device.  Look the day I’m publishing these accounts are working. I will request don’t change password or email so other users can use without any problem.

Email [email protected] password selena87

Email [email protected] password jackass22

Email [email protected] password iloveyoujaasra

Email [email protected] password hannah12

Email [email protected] password Speedboy4

Using Accountbot

This my favorite method to get Spotify premium access free. This is not free but it is actually a very cheap way to get Spotify premium free.

Ok Let me explain from scratch

Basically, Accountbot is a website from where you buy account Spotify, Netflix at a very cheap price. Here is the Compression of Spotify plans price and that plans with accountbot

Plan Spotify Price Accountbot Price
Spotify Premium $9.99/month $1.99/month or $4.99/year
Spotify Premium for Students $4.99/month  Not available
Spotify Premium for Family $14.99/month $3.49/month or $7.99/month

I hope you will probably get an Idea how is better Definitely Accountbot because it is so cheap.

Here are steps to Buy an Account from Accountbot

Go to Accountbot and create your free account. I hope you know how to create an account on accountbot it is super easy. From the Top navbar click on Register

Then Enter your email and password two times. Make sure you enter correct email for verification. You will see something like this.account for spotify

open your mail account and verify it then from the navbar click on Account shop and scroll down and under Music click on Spotify.clicking on spotify premium

It will show you a page like this.

spotify premium free

Chose any plan whatever you like. You can also buy more than one account at once by changing the quantity.

After that, you need to select payment.

Payment method accepted by Accountbot

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum

You can choose any whatever you like. You will get an extra 10% discount if you will use Any CryptoCurrency.

Well, I chose PayPal for the payment.

buying spotify account

By clicking on pay Now you can complete your payment and click on Return to Merchant then Return to jbsales.

After making successful payment then click on My Accounts and click on get account It will ask you for the country. If you did not find your country here then chose the United States and press OK button.selecting country for spotify

Then It will show you a valid account.account for spotify

Here is the proof that it is working account.

proof that accoutbot is working
See the email it is same which you viewed in the above screenshot. and you can it has premium for family

I hope like this method.  If by chance your account is not working then you can get a replacement to New account.

Using Grammarly you can also other paid accounts like Grammarly,  Netflix, Hulu at a very cheap price.

Fix Spotify is Not available in your Country

To fix this you have to use a VPN. You can use free and paid VPNs. I’m on chrome and I’m using  Hotspot shield for this purpose you can use anyone.

Go to this link to Install it and click on add to Chrome button. It will download the file and automatically install. After installing it will show you symbol like this.

When you open the First Time It will show User Guide Simply Click on Next, Next after Click on Connection button.

connect hotspot shieldAfter Few seconds It will automatically connect you to the auto-server. To change location scroll down click on the auto-server and then chose Netherland as You can see in the screenshot.hotspot shield selecting country for spotify

Then open website You will see that you are not able to open Spotify website.

How to Fix in mobile phone

If you are using an android phone it is very easy to fix.  You just Need to Download the app from somewhere else, not from play store then you simply use this apply login an account.

Believe me, it is working method I have tested it on my phone

You can download free Spotify app from here 


I hope you will like this article. Got any problem them let me know by comments I definitely Solve your problem.

If you have any suggestion you can also tell me comments.

How many of you use Spotify. personally, I use Gaana (Indian music service like Spotify) and I don’t listen to music too much.

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Spotify Premium Access Free on Android/IPhone (100% working)
Spotify Premium Access Free on Android/IPhone (100% working) 1

How many of you use Spotify? It gets a great digital music service. Many countries, it is not available like India etc.

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