Download & Install Stickers Plus v1.30 For WhatsApp Plus & Gb WhatsApp

There was a time when people we used to talk in text messaging and taking in text format was very-very cool for that time. But Now, Time has changed. There has been a lot of development in technology, and now we have got many text messaging apps with cool features, Using which you can make chatting very interesting. In’s It?

Sticker Plus Apk Download

Now, We have got WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and many more. These apps are not just text messaging apps, but also you can share videos, Pictures, and Audio too.

Today, in this article we are going to tell you about an app that will make your chatting stuff more interesting.

Can you guess what It is? Yes of course. It’s Stickers Plus App.

Here, In this article, we will share all the information related to Stickers Plus for Android, and we will share the download link of Stickers Plus.

Be with us; read the complete article. We promise you are going to learn and enjoy it too.

Note: Gb stickers mean for gbwhatsapp sticker plus mean for whatsapp plus. But both operation in the same way. A lot of times I use word sticker plus don’t get confused for you it is gbstickers 

Stickers Plus for Android

Stickers Plus is an excellent application for the people who are a fan of using WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp and Official WhatsApp Application.

Umm, You may be thinking why so?

So, Let us tell you why Stickers Plus is an excellent application for the people who are a fan of messaging apps like WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.

In straightforward words, We can say. It is an excellent app because of the features that this app provides. Your next question may be, What features?

Let us tell you, This app Called Stickers Plus brings you a massive collection of stickers ranging from the cartoon, celebrities, pets, Dogs, Emojis to Video Games.

Isn’t is a great app?

Of course, It is.

Why and When Do You Need Stickers Plus

As above we have mentioned that Stickers Plus provides massive collections of stickers. So, You need it when you want to send stickers to your friends or family.

Why do you need to send Stickers?

Sometimes we have seen, many people talk on messaging apps in a very dull way. We want to ask them, Dude why are you doing it if you can make your chat more interesting and engaging?

Yes, With the help of Stickers Plus you can make your chat more interesting and engaging.


Let’s suppose- Today is someone’s birthday, and you have to wish him on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus then you will wish like-

“Hey Bro, Wish you a very happy birthday.”

Right? We want to ask you, Is it Interesting? No.

So, How does Stickers Plus help you to make it Interesting? You can add Sticker with the text message like-

“Hey Bro, Wish you a very happy birthday.”

happy birthday sticker

Isn’t it more interesting than the first one? Of course, It is.

How to download Stickers Plus

The problem with Stickers Plus is that you can’t find it on the Google Play Store. But don’t worry we are here to help you. Yes, you can download Stickers Plus from our website.

There is a download button a little below, Tap over that. The download of Stickers Plus will begin. Just wait for a While.

Download for Whatsapp Plus only

Download for Gb WhatsApp

Installing Stickers Plus

First of all, We would like to know have you installed WhatsApp Plus yet? If your answer is No! then please Install WhatsApp Plus APK in your device.

Complete Guide to Install and Use WhatsApp Plus[Link]

Note: Before installing Stickers Plus, It’s Important to have WhatsApp Plus or Gb WhatsApp in your device.

Installing stickers plus is effortless. But We have to guide you. So, Follow some simple steps below and get it into your device for the first use.

Step 1: We assume you have downloaded the application from the download button above. Now go inside your “Download” folder and find “Stickers Plus APK.”

Step 2: Tap on Stickers Plus APK.

Step 3: Now the installer will get open, click on the Install button.

Step 4: The app will ask you some permissions, give the accessibilities and wait for a few seconds.

Step 5: ENJOY!!

How to Use Stickers Plus

Now, you have downloaded and installed Stickers Plus. But using it can a little bit tricky for some people. For those who can use it, We would love to guide them.

Step 1: find the Stickers Plus logo into your device and Tap on It.

Step 2: Now You may have to wait for a few seconds to open and load the stickers. Once the stickers get loaded in the app, then you will get the interface like thissticker package

Step 3: Scroll down and find the Sticker Pack that you would like to use.

Step 4: To use it tap on the plus(+) Icon at the right side of the stickers pack.

Step 5: Now It will ask you ” Would you like you to add Pack Name to WhatsApp. Now, Tap on Add button.stickers

Step 6: Congrats! Now you have successfully added the Stickers Pack. You can add more Stickers Packs.

Finding Stickers Plus’s Sticker Packs in WhatsApp

It could be a little bit confusing to find Stickers in WhatsApp Plus that are provided by Stickers Plus. So, follow these simple steps and you will we able to find and use stickers in WhatsApp plus.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp Plus.

Step 2: Now, Start a Conversation with someone. In other words, Tap on any WhatsApp friends name to start chatting.

Step 3: Tap on the Emoji Icon. It’s present at bottom left corner.Download & Install Stickers Plus v1.30 For WhatsApp Plus & Gb WhatsApp 1

Step 4: Now you find an interface like this-Download & Install Stickers Plus v1.30 For WhatsApp Plus & Gb WhatsApp 2

Tap on the symbol highlighted in the image above.

Step 5: Now you will get Stickers Plus’s library of sticker in whatsapp

Now find your choice of stickers and tap on that to send It.

Now you learned how to install and use Stickers Plus with WhatsApp Plus. But We would like to inform you that you can use it with official WhatsApp too.

Hardware and Software requirements for Stickers Plus

It is not an app that needs high hardware specification, but you can use in a low-end Android device. You need to have enough space in your device; it’s because this app consumes double or triple space then WhatsApp.


  • Android OS Version 4.0.3 or Above
  • WhatsApp Plus Version 6.87 or Above
  • Internet Connection to download  Stickers Packs

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