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I suppose that you know what the torrent is. If you don’t know what it is then read this definition.

Torrent is basically a file which contains metadata variable.  It’s extension is .torrent. In many countries, it is illegal to use torrent like in 10 Torrent sites

But do you really think you can go to jail just because of using torrent? Seriously!

Anyway, In this article, I will write some awesome torrent sites according to me. I hope you will like them.

I will try to publish the best torrent sites on the internet. If you have any problem then let me know I will happy to help you

The thing why you need torrent sites.

Because using torrent you can download paid files free like movies, software etc.  You can download films that are released recently or sometimes films that are not released.


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How to use torrent

You can use torrent on the computer as well as on the mobile phone too. There is two software to use torrent BitTorrent and utorrent. Both have the free version and paid versions.

I don’t know what is the difference between them. Both are made by the same company. But I use utorrent. You can use anyone.

Windows user click here to download

Mac user

Android user 

Ios user

check here how to use utorrent on IOS

It is easy to use application. You can use it without any help. You just need a torrent file of the movie, game etc to download them.

In many countries govt also some famous torrent sites. But don’t worry I have a solution for you. You can use VPN or the proxy site to open any blocked website.

Here is the screenshot of the utorrent software.utorrent

If you can see the screenshot clearly then you will see I’m downloading 3 files.

The Pirate Bay

I know you already know about the Pirate Bay. It is known as the king of torrents. Actually, it is the search engine of Torrent. Here is the screenshot of the homepage.the pirate bay


Not only search engine you can click on browse Torrent link then it will ask you to the category as shown in the screenshot.

This is the biggest torrent websites. You can view in the screenshot It has everything.

browse torrent

Browse whatever do you like.

If you don’t like the pirate bay because of design the choose this website. The design is just superb. But it is content is pretty much like the pirate bay. 1337x torrent site

If you want to share your own content on the 1337x then you can upload your own content by registering your account. But don’t share something illegal on the internet.

Like the pirate way, it has all content but with better design.

One cool feature of 1337x is movies library. I mean you can view movie rating, Sort them according to Generic, year, language etc.  Here is the screenshot. movies section

This is one of my favorite torrent sites.


The websites I’m listing here do pretty much same work but all they have the different design. The extratorrent have the very classic design as you can see in the screenshot.

the extratorrent

Another website with the same content but with the different user interface. Extratorrent have categories on the home page and all files are available on the home page. I mean you can find famous things on the homepage of every category.

Categories available 

  1. Movies
  2. Tv
  3. Music
  4. Anime
  5. Game
  6. Books
  7. Software
  8. Picture mobile adult
  9. Other

I think this website has everything what every you need. No matter either you are a phone user or desktop user. You will get everything related to your phone.


Another famous torrent site with almost same content but with the different style. This website is like extratorrent but it has different or better design than extratorrent.

torrent download

This website has one more feature today’s torrent and yesterday torrent. From where you can find files uploaded yesterday and today.

Like other torrent sites, it has the feature of the category. At the end of the right sidebar, you can find some other torrent websites.

You can create your own account if you want to participate in this website.  This website has a category that is known as books.


Another famous torrent site. Other torrent sites have uploaded to their own servers this one is different. I mean this is the search engine of the torrent.

It collects data from other websites and shows you depending upon your search query like Google.



It is known as the official torrent site. There is nothing different it is like other torrent sites. There is only one thing different that is download button is replaced with Magnet torrent.

It has one cool feature that is the community. You know where you can need people., ask them the question or reply to them.

katcr torrent

Free tutorials

This is basically the blog where you can download any paid udemy course free. I know this website is not big like other websites.

But for those who want to learn and they do not have money Free tutorials can be the great source. Here is the screenshot of the homepage of free tutorials.

I use this website to learn everything in the starting. Still, sometimes I use this website. After all, learning should be free.

free tutorials

If you don’t like free tutorials then you can use . Both websites are almost the same.

If you don’t like udemy course then you can download Lynda, Teamtreehouse, Plursight course from freecoursesonline

Happy learning 🙂


This website is just amazing. If you love to watch movies then try this website. Here you can download almost any latest movie.

As you can view in the screenshot of the website. If you have the view on the movie then you can leave your comment and read other people comments to know about the movie before saving it


This website is just amazing with the simple interface. Here you can download movies, upload your own content, torrent search etc.

Like other torrent websites, you can upload your own content to this website. You can browse content in the category or by pages.

As you can view in the screenshot. Its user interface is really simple or it is like Google. Other torrent website has really distracting ads. But this one is different.

This website will show you only two ads about VPN at the top and it the bottom

In the sidebar, you can get links to other torrent websites as shown in the screenshot.



This is another search engine with the huge database and clean interface. As you can view in the skytorrents.

All other websites have own content but this site is something like a search engine like google. I mean if you search anything It will show other websites of the torrent.

The biggest problem with this website is those popup ads. When you click on the anything it will open a popup of that website.

sky torrents


This website is very cool. I found that from here you can download latest movies and other things.

Here is the screenshot of yourbittorrent. The only problem with this website is ADS. Ads will keep distracting you because this website shows you porn ads. Make sure you do your work don’t click on the ad :).

I just hide ads. Believe me chances are high that you will click on the ad.



This is another great website for media files. There is nothing different with this and other torrent websites. Here is the screenshot of the Zooqle.

This website is available in two languages. You can browse content from the category.  You can browse category from the top menu.


According to the similar web, it’s monthly web traffic is 16.22 mm. From that traffic, you can get an idea that how famous is this website.

This website is started in the 2013 and it works so fast. Today it is available in top 10 torrent sites.


Another great torrent websites. This website is one more feature that I did not found in any other website that is ebooks.

I know ebooks are available to all most all websites. But this website has the different option for ebooks. torrent funk

Like other torrent websites control your emotion in the ads. If you can’t control then this website has the adult option too.

When you open it. On the front page, you will see the top 50 torrents as shown in the screenshot. In the left sidebar, you will get the list of other torrent websites.


This is basically a search engine of the torrent. It is powered by Google. IT fetch data from Oher sites. Here is the screenshot of Homepage.

It says It has 450 torrent sites at the same time.


Only Torrents

This is o


Well, If you are a new baby then maybe you find it difficult to know how to use torrent. If you keep learning you will love it. I mean you can download paid course free, latest movies, paid software free etc.

If you have any query, the question then let me know by comments. I will happy to help you.

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