26 Best Torrent sites by Traffic & Content: That are working

Finding Torrents sites sometimes Tricky. If you Looking for Best Torrent websites you come to Right Place. The Torrent websites I’m Listing from has content related to everything like movies, games, software, Paid Course etc.

Keep in Mind that if Torrent is ban in your Country then I’m not responsible if anything happened to you.

I’m just providing a List of Best Torrent websites.

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I Don’t think so that You Need to Know what is Torrent & how to use blah blah etc. If Still don’t Know Then Check this Video.

Because you will find that without Vpn You are Unable to Access most of these websites.

Best Torrent websites 2019

1. 1337x.to: Torrent Search Engine

Alexa rank 277

If you don’t like the pirate bay because of design the choose this website. The design is just superb. But it is content is pretty much like the pirate bay.  On this website, you can find everything categorized.1337x torrent site

If you want to share your content on the 1337x, then you can upload your own content by registering your account. But don’t share something illegal on the internet.

Like the pirate way, it has all content but with better design.

One cool feature of 1337x is movies library. I mean you can view movie rating, Sort them according to Generic, year, language, etc.  Here is the screenshot.

You know when you search something you will find every detail like Time, uploader, size and seed.

2. Extratorrent The World’s Largest BitTorrent System

Alexa rank 8745

The sites I’m listing here do pretty much same work but all they have a different design. The extratorrent have the very classic design as you can see in the screenshot.

the extratorrent

Another website with the same content but with the different user interface. Extratorrent have categories on the home page, and all files are available on the home page. I mean you can find great things on the homepage of every type.

Categories available 

  1. Movies
  2. Tv
  3. Music
  4. Anime
  5. Game
  6. Books
  7. Software
  8. Picture mobile adult
  9. Other

I think this website has everything what every you need. No matter either you are a phone user or desktop user. You will get everything related to your phone.

3. TorrentDownload

Alexa rank 2,222

Another famous torrent site with almost the same content but with the different style. This website is like extratorrent, but it has modified or better design than extratorrent.

This website has one more feature today’s torrent and yesterday torrent. From where you can find files uploaded yesterday and today.

Like other sites, it has the feature of the category. At the end of the right sidebar, you can find some other torrent websites. When you visit the homepage of this website, you will a complete list of torrent divided by categories like Software, TV shoes, Flims, Books.

Which help us easy to find things. Like other sites, this website also makes money from the advertisement.

You can create your account if you want to participate in this website.  This website has a category that is known as books.

4. Torrentz2

Alexa rank 534

Another famous torrent site. Other torrent sites have uploaded to their servers this one is different. I mean this is the search engine.

It collects data from other websites and shows you depending upon your search query like Google.


5. Katcr

Alexa rank 2219

It is known as the official torrent site. I already told you there is no significant difference between these websites. There is only one thing different that is download button is replaced with Magnet torrent.

It has one cool feature that is the community. You know where you can need people., ask them the question or reply to them.

6. Free tutorials

Alexa rank 39172

This is the blog where you can download any paid udemy course free. I know this website is not big like other websites.

But for those who want to learn and they do not have money Free tutorials can be the great source. Here is the screenshot of the homepage of free tutorials.

I use this website to learn everything in the starting. Still, sometimes I use this website. After all, learning should be free.

free tutorials

If you don’t like free tutorials, then you can use desirecourse.com . Both sites are almost the same.

If you don’t like udemy course, then you can download Lynda, Teamtreehouse, Plursight course from freecoursesonline

Happy learning 🙂

7. The Pirate Bay

Alexa rank 177

The Pirate Bay is also known as the King of the Torrents because it was started in the earlier days and still is get most of the traffic with respect to other sites.

It is the search engine of Torrent. Here is the screenshot of the homepage.the pirate bay

Sometimes you will also face downtime to using this. I don’t why this is the most annoying thing I found.

Here you will find everything. You can view in the screenshot. It has everything. This website is a ban in any country that’s why it Alexa rank or traffic is getting down day by day.

browse torrent

Browse whatever do you like.

8. YTS

Alexa rank 210

This website is just amazing. If you love to watch movies, then try this website. Here you can download almost any latest movie.

As you can view in the screenshot of the website. If you have the view on the movie, then you can leave your comment and read other people comments to know about the film before saving it offline.

9. seedpeer

Alexa rank 22362

This website is just fantastic with the simple interface. Here you can download movies, upload your content, torrent search, etc.

You can upload your content to this website. You can browse content in the category or by pages.

As you can view in the screenshot. Its user interface is straightforward, or it is like Google. Another torrent website has distracting ads. But this one is different.

This website will show you only two ads about VPN at the top and it the bottom

In the sidebar, you can get links to other torrent websites as shown in the screenshot.

10. skytorrents

Alexa rank 9143

This is another search engine with a huge database and clean interface. As you can view in the skytorrents.

All other websites have own content but this site is something like a search engine like google. I mean if you search anything It will show other websites of the torrent.

The biggest problem with this website is those popup ads. When you click on the anything it will open a popup of that website.

sky torrents

11. YourBittorrent

Alexa rank 24323

This website is very cool. I found that from here you can download latest movies and other things.

Here is the screenshot of yourbittorrent. The only problem with this website is ADS. Ads will keep distracting you because this website shows you porn ads. Make sure you do your work don’t click on the ad :).

I just hide ads. Chances are high that you will click on the ad.

12. Zooqle

Alexa rank 1814

This is another great website for media files. There is nothing different with this and other torrent websites. Here is the screenshot of the Zooqle.

This website is available in two languages. You can browse content from the category.  You can browse category from the top menu.

According to the similar web, it’s monthly web traffic is 16.22 mm. From that traffic, you can get an idea that how famous is this website.

This website was started in 2013, and it works so fast. Today it is available in top 10 torrent sites.

13. TorrentFunk

Alexa rank 13488

A great site is related to books. This website is one more feature that I did not found on any other website that is ebooks.

I know ebooks are available to all most all websites. But this website has a different option for ebooks. torrent funk

Like other websites, ads are related to porn. If you can’t control then this website has the adult option too.

When you open it. On the front page, you will see the top 50 torrents as shown in the screenshot. In the left sidebar, you will get the list of other websites.

14. Toorgle

Alexa rank 84156

This is basically a search engine of the torrent. It is powered by Google. IT fetch data from Oher sites.

It says It has 450 torrent sites at the same time.

15. Lime Torrents

Alexa rank 102,979

Another great torrent website. This website torrent has a different style as you can see in the screenshot. lime torrent

You can create your account and there is navbar in the for browsing content.

You can also browse content from Sidebar quick navigation.

We open torrent sites for the content not for browsing. If you are trying to find something but you did not get then you can use this website.

16. Torlock

Alexa rank 7005

If You don’t know what content you are looking for but you have time for browsing content, then you can use this torrent website.

From the top navbar, You can view category. If you want to participate in this website, then you can create your own account.

17. IDope kickass Torrents 2018

Alexa rank 85967

This is basically a search engine. You definitely to use an Adblock to use this website. When you click on anything then It will open a new tab.

If you are finding something then you can use this website. You can even upload your own content by Registering your account.

At the top, you will get a Recent tab. If you are an android user you can also download the idope android app.

18. RARBG Rarbg Index Page

It is a really famous torrent website. Like other torrent websites, it has a really large database. This website user interface is really simple.

You can create your account. There is a sidebar of different category like Movies, Tv Shows, Games, Music etc.

You know in this torrent website there is also a section for News.

19. WorldwideTorrents

This website user interface is like Google. You can search for things and like other sites you can browse files. off course you can upload your own content by creating your account.

There is the forum available too for users. Like Idope Ads are really distracting.

20. Pirateiro

This is a bit different from other sites.  Its user interface is totally different.  If you create an account then you will not see any ads. which is great.

If you are a porn lover then check you will be the best porn sites list. I will advise you to use an Adblock before this.

You will get content related to every field like movies, music, tv etc.


If you love tv shoes then you check this. It is mainly built for tv shoes. You can also use the forum for your Queries.

I’m not a huge fan of tv shows but I can guarantee you that using this you can also find any tv shows free of cost.

22. P2PDL

P2pdl is ban in many countries.  It is available in 3 languages English, French, and Rusian. P2pdl has content related to movies, tv, games, apps, books and other.

I found books section pretty interesting. You can find films but I don’t think so using this you can find the latest movies.

23. Monova Torrent Search

The Best thing I like monvoa is the user experience. Basically, this is a torrent search engine. Again this is available in the 3 languages. Primary language is English.

You can also browse files related to Books, photo, videos, books etc.

You can also search for things using has. Monova makes money by sponsored links. Mean you will not face distracting ads that you face in idope.

24. Torrents: Torrent Sites and Search

I think overall this website has the best user experience. I mean I hope this website. According to similar web torrents.me get around 8.1 million visitors per month.

You can find every within the category and with a smooth design. I don’t think so that there is the similar website to torrents.me

You can find trending search. I what is the most trending topic that people are searching on this website. You will face ads not annoying.

25. ETTVTorrents: Online ETTV Series Downloads

ETTv is related to tv series only. You will face ads like idope. When you click anywhere a new tab will open.

ETTv has a really clean design but ads. If you use the first time this then it might we problem for you. At the bottom, you can find bitcoin address if you want to donate money.

26. 01Torrent Download High-Quality Movies, Tv-Shows, Application, Games

I think it is best for free people. Because most of the content that I found is related to movies and music.  On the home page, you will get the link to the latest Hollywood films and music.

27. CiniSearch  The World’s No.1 Movies Search Engine

This website claim that it is the number one movie search engine. We can find the latest movies almost any of the above list. But if you are looking for old content then you should try CiniSearch.

Its layout is like Google. it extracts data from famous torrent sites(listed above).

Now It is your Turn

Well, If you are a new baby then maybe you find it difficult to know how to use torrent. If you keep learning you will love it. I mean you can download paid course free, latest movies, paid software free etc.

Why you are going to use a torrent. To download films, paid course, tv shoes, books etc. Let me know by comments.

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