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How to remove virus from android phone

Harinderpreet singh Last updated

Android is world’s most useful operating system for mobile phones and tablets. More than 85% phones of the world are android.  That’s why hacker (read: how to hack any wifi) use the smartphone to make money by making the virus. If your phone is affected by any kind of virus then you are at right place here I will guide you to how to remove the virus from virus

List of the android virus is very large but don’t worry you can remove any type of virus by reading this post. Proxyserver, smsmanager, alarm controller, battery controller and wallpaper service are very famous in android virus available in accessibility settings.

But this is not the real name of this app. Real name of this trojan is ghost push which affects more than 65000 android phones. If you turn of this it will automatically turn on.

Top countries affected by ghost pushcountries affected by ghost push

Also, read:

How is it installed on your phone?

According to there are more than 39 apps contain ghost push

WiFi EnhancerPinkyGirlsWordLockSettingServiceSex Cademy
TimeServiceXVideo Codec PackFast Boosterboom pigiVideo
Indian Sexy Stories 2AmazonTalking Tom 3WhatsWifiFruit Slots
Assistive TouchHubii NewsPhoto CleanHot VideoWifi Speeder
Accurate CompassitouchSuper MarioLemon BrowserWiFi FTP
All-star Fruit SlashLight BrowserSmartFolderMultifunction FlashlightIce Browser
Happy FishingXVideoSimple FlashlightAssistive TouchPronClub
MonkeyTestMemory BoosterDaily RacingHot Girls

Problem by malware: No matter which trojan your phone have but you will face these problems

  • keylogger:Keylogger means it records all text except password type by you. When you turn on this you will get a notification proxyserver can collect all of the text you type except passwords. This includes personal data such as credit card numbers. It also collects data about interactions with the phone. For e.x. smsmanager.
    a notification turning on to porxyserver virus

Read: Best keylogger apps for an android phone [without root]

  • bloatware: It becomes bloatware means an inbuilt app like message, settings so you can’t uninstall simply even you can’t remove by resettings your phone. literally all

Some Other problems

  • Some apps are automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Mystery gift icon appeared on the screen and when you click on this gift a link will open.
  • Unwanted notification like this screenshot.unwanted notification from alarn controller

Here I am posting for both root and without rooted devices with root you can completely uninstall it but if you don’t want to root your phone don’t you can bypass problems from this app.

How to uninstall any virus

Here I am posting removing methods with and without root but if you want to remove this completely then I will suggest you to rooted device method although you can control it in a unrooted device but can’t uninstall it.

For rooted devices

  1. First of all Root your phone.
  2. Install any bloatware removing app like System app safe remover app (link provided)

What is root: Android is operating system in which you have the ability to can change anything in your phone but by default these features are blocked by manufacturer. Process of unblocking these features is known as root

Rooting your phone means you can change anything in your android device like expanding ram, remove ads of apps, Can remove bloatware but on rooting the phone, it will void your warranty but don’t worry you can unroot your phone after deleting this virus from your phone.

  1. How to root your phone: Currently there is no app which can root all devices. Rooting process of different is different so search on google how to root your phone model (go to settings→about phone)
  2. Last step:  Now install System app safe Remover from play store which is made for removing system apps, moving any app to SD card etc and open it on opening it there will a pop up open from SuperSu asking about root permission to give root permission click on grant (you can’t use this app without root permission)popup notification by suptersu

Select this virus and click on uninstall button when you uninstall any app it moves in recycle bin so uninstall from recycle bin too. You are confusing what is the name of this virus. I find many names of this virus given the blow

  • Alarm controller
  • Battery controller
  • Smsmanager
  • Proxyservics
  • wallpapaerservics
  • .com.system.update
  • system certificate
  • music provider
  • net alpha
  •  demo

unisntall ghost push

How to Stop reinstalling proxyserver, smsmanager, etc

some user complains that alarm controller, battery controller is automatic reinstalling because there is an app settings provider delete it too.

 Remove without root

If you do not want to root your phone for any reason then you can restrict data of malware. To restrict unwanted materials from this virus go settings→data usage and scroll down and disable data for the virus which you have. But I will prefer you to uninstall it completely by rooting your phone. If by default your smartphone don’t have restrict data feature then use any firewall app like Noroot firewall.

Note: I have received many complaints this method is not working. so you have to root your phone.

If your phone have that kind of problem but this virus has the different name then please tell the latest name of this virus so I can provide better results for the user because all of the users searches on the internet How to remove smsmanager/alarm controller etc. Comment or use this contact form to tell the latest name.

185 thoughts on “How to remove virus from android phone

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  1. in my phone whenever i off proxy server and media container it automatically on itself again can anyone help me out…… plz anyone reply

  2. hey i am using purify to remove boatware…..but it is saying that proxy server and media container cannot be removed……

    1. Bro, first of all, make sure your phone is rooted and you install system app remover from play store to uninstall virus
      Let me know if you face any other problem

  3. Is it possible to root model machfive 5.0 ? If yes,kindly provide link for same. I have tried several rooting apk like kingroot, rootmaster etc.
    Very few of them get downloaded but then still didn’t get opened. I have been facing problems from ghost push and bloatwares like “local alarm”, “google map process” etc.
    Details –
    Model name- Machfive
    Android version- 5.0
    Custom build version- KARBONN_MACHFIVE_L107_10122015
    Pls help.

    1. Hey bro try framaroot or kingoroot PC version if these apps do not root your phone then you can ask from customer care 1860 500 1492 (Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM) Hope this will help you

  4. I rooted through kingroot but malware bytes detected it as malware.
    What to do?
    Money plant, dataUsageLockScreenClient, omacp, one time Init….are all these viruses too?

    1. Uninstall malware for some time use kingoroot do your work then unroot your phone and install malware bytes again

      1. DO NOT ROOT THE PHONE. It is a very stupid idea to even expose an infected device to administrator rights. Since it is running as a standard user, it is unlikely it could modify system files. So try a factory reset.

        1. In my case, I tried factory reset but it did not work because it is bloatware. Looks like you did not root your phone I rooted my phone couple times for a specific task nothing happen but I deleted virus by rooting my phone

          1. You’re lucky it’s just bloatware, and isn’t something very malicious. If you ever come across something very nasty, always format using TWRP and flash the default ROM. This is the only way to ensure it is disappeared.

          2. Also, bloatware isn’t really ‘malware’… it is just unwanted software given by the manufacturer…

  5. thank sir for this…. i try it later,, my problem is my WiFi is always on,even if you switch it off and it download apps w/o my permission, i don’t know what virus it is,, plz help me… thank

      1. Download a terminal shell. Then issue the following commands :
        ps -a (shows all running processes, take note of the Process ID)

        netstat -ano (shows all inbound and outbound connections, the remote IP address IN NUMERICAL FORMAT the socket is connected to, and the Process ID ….once again, take note of the Process ID)

        If you want to display the domain name instead of the IP address, simply omit the -n option

        whois [IP address OR domain name]

        1. whois command will show you details about the remote computer your PC is connected to…look at the ISP most importantly

  6. My HTC d610 my phone is not rooted. Many virus apps installed it. SMS manager many of apps installed it. This apps not remove and not uninstall. Many of apps automatically installed. So please help me yaar.

  7. good seems the virus has spoiled my memory,its telling me sd card safe to remove and damaged phone storage.its also downloading apps arbitrarily and some of my system apps has stoped working…my phone is rooted…thanks am expecting your reply

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip. I recently used this process on my Colors X118, and it helped remove the ProxyServer but after that, it says that I have lost my connection to the Google Server. Nothing from google works. Neither YouTube, nor Gmail..not even PlayStore. How can I solve this problem? Please help
    Thank You

  9. my phone redirects me to start typing to Google, touches itself on screen,takes long to charge, restarts it itself, what can I do?

      1. Viruses can still function without an internet connection… you are confusing virus with remote access trojan.

  10. Thanks for your precious article Harinderpreet,
    Really, your technique to remove viruses has helped me to remove viruses from my phone. While following these techniques faced some issue but at last I removed viruses from my phone.
    Thank You dear please post this kind of article which help us to protect our phone from malware and viruses.

  11. Thanks for providing such nice information to us. It provides such amazing information on care as wellHealth. The post is really helpful and very much thanks to you. The information can be really helpful on health, care as well as on examhelp tips. The post is really helpful.

  12. Sir can I root my mob without paying as I download oneclick root its asked me pay about 70 dollar.
    Any free software for rooting please

  13. Root it?? Seriously??? Thats the stupidest thing ever. The phone is safer under “normal” user, as the virus cannot gain administrator privileges. The moment you root it, THE VIRUS CAN GAIN ADMIN PRIVILEGES AND DO ANYTHING IT WANTS. As of now you are safe, as it can only mess with your system data. But just to make sure its gone.
    Now before you do anything, make sure your phone’s bootloader is unlocked. If so, you can root it and immediately install a custom recovery software, like TWRP. Then reformat EVERYTHING, and flash the stock firmware.
    If you have locked bootloader, DONT install TWRP. Just flash the default firmware onto it.

    1. Sorry, what I meant to say was… it can only access and manipulate your user data. The system data is fine.

      1. After you root, IMMEDIATELY install TWRP. DO NOT ROOT IT AND DO NOTHING, as you will give the virus enough time to do whatever it wants under root.

      1. Rooting doesn’t invite, but if its a trojan, it can attach to a program that accesses administrator rights, and then screw you. Then finish.

          1. The hacker can easily gain su permissions once he compromises an app.You really have no clue what you’re talking about.

          2. Also, who said malware only comes in the form of apps? I had a scenario where a malicious executable came embedded to an image file (.jpg).

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