5 Tips to Generate Catchy Profile Username to Stay Safe online

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With the hectic life schedule, people get in touch with their long-lost friends, best friend, relatives, colleagues or acquaintances through social media. So, these days we live in a virtual world rather than in a real-life world.create username

Social media such as snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, musically etc. has made the world full of fun as well as easy for people to connect. With the growing number of increase in users of social sites, a new problem is being faced by the users. Every new registration on the websites requires a unique username. One must be innovative.

Everyone needs a classy cool username which is not at all embarrassing, a username which sounds catchy and can be easily given to your grandmother as well as your friends.

What are usernames? Username is a special name for your social media account. Basically, usernames are simple, simple and sweet. Keeping a username for social media is always a difficult task. So, to make your work easy, here are some kickass tips and tricks to get a cool username. There you go to generate your stardom through username!

  1. Use your hobby or pastime as username.

One of the easiest idea to set a username is to use your hobby or things that interest you. Every individual has some or the other interest that have over a time developed as a hobby. Pastimes are always fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful so why not use things that you love to do as username. It will make it easy to remember as well as lively. Pastime can be a perfect thing to use as your username. It will not only make it unique but also personal. You can use numbers such as your birthdate, birth year, and lucky number etc. to make it outstandingly catchy. For example, mountaineer89 or carzypoetess18. This can be simple, personal and most importantly unique.

  1. Use different languages.

Every language has its own beauty that makes it different from other languages. Languages play an important role in conveying your message thus can be used to set your user ID. Words in every language hold a significant meaning. Thus, playing with a word, phrases, and synonyms from other languages can be fun. Why use English when you can use French, German, and Spanish or for that matter any other language. Some of the best and unique usernames aren’t English. Hardly anyone is going to know what tozan mean.  It means mountain climbing in Japanese. So, you can use words like jishin, toujour for your social profile. For sure with this trick, it will look attractive and classy.

  1. Use your pets name as username.

Have you ever heard of using your dog’s name as your user handle? One must find is weird as well as awkward. But imagine one having a username as Brave_tommy. Aww! How cute this sounds. Pet’s names are really sweet and adorable just like the way they are. Isn’t it? If you have a little dog or big pussycat whose name is Bruno or kitty use them as your username. But you just need to modify them a little to save you from getting an error setting your name. For instance, Bruno can be set as Barky_bruno or kitty can be set as blue.eyed­_kitty_ doesn’t it look sweet?

  1. Use a software to generate creative username.

When we live in an online world why to get worried when you get stuck with anything. So is the case with your usernames. Digital world solves your problem in a blink of an eye. So, when you go out of ideas or have no clue what to set as your user handle use online software to generate an innovative username. Service such as helps you to get the most suitable name for your social media account. Name generators generally use a random combination of words to get the most appropriate name. You just need to fill data that the name generator software asks such as your first name, middle name, last name, gender etc. and rest is taken care of. Trust me one can get the best usernames from this software.

  1. Use special characters and abbreviation.

Why don’t you make the use of special characters that are on a keyboard in your username? A special character such as! @ # $ * ^ can be used or you can even use Unicode characters like ♠, ♣, ♥, ♦, ♪, and ♫ to get a unique and absolutely different user ID. But before putting them in your ID make sure the social site you are using allows you to use them. Only a few social sites allow you to use them. You can even use short forms for some words. Using abbreviation will give your username a different style. Rarely anyone uses short forms. Thus, using special characters and abbreviation can be beneficial in setting the best username.

Bottom Line

Boom! So, what are you waiting for? Why waste your time? Run go hurry up! Register yourself on social media and get famous among your group of people. Make your unique profile. Set a great profile picture, write an amazing bio and set a stylish username. Use this tips and tricks to set a catchy username for your social site. I bet this will help you to get some handles which will be easy for you to remember. Cheers to your user identification!


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