Whatsapp Dares: Best WhatsApp Games for Crush, Friends etc

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Whatsapp is the most used application for sending messages or communication. This app has 1 billion downloads. I don’t know how many people currently using it.whatsapp group list

Anyway in this article, as you read in the title I gonna provide you best whatsapp dares. Dares on WhatsApp meaning sending a question with the option than where each option is the key of the specific answer.

You know all about this better than me. I tell you one secret it is the best method for creating girlfriend.

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I mean you can send a message where are option answer is related to love or SEX :). A lot of young people use this for creating a girlfriend/boyfriend.

Today we did not play with friends on face to face. We play with them virtually with the help of the internet.

Table of contents

Dare for Girlfriends/Crush

Most of these dares are non beg

Chose heart from given blow then I will send you what you want from me.🧡❤💛💚💙💜🖤


🧡 You like me so much

❤You want love from me

💛You want to marry me

💚You want to kiss me

💙You want to purpose me

💜You want to hug me

🖤You want to SEX with me

Choose any color from the following color

  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink


Yellow: Hug me when next time you met me

Red: Tell me something that you did not tell to anyone

Blue: Something bad about me you want to say me

Black: Slap to yourself

White: Tell me person name with who you have sex last time

Pink: Put on your status I want to marry (any girl who is not your girlfriend)


Fill in the blanks Messages

What you 3 things you like about me

Ans.  ___________

What are 3 things you don’t like about me

Ans.  ___________

Tell me nickname you want to give me

Ans.  ___________

What color suites to me personality

Ans.  ___________

Relationship status you want with me

Ans.  ___________

One thing that you want to change in me

Ans.  ___________

Rate my DP 1-10

Ans.  ___________

Select any number between 1-5 and ready for the dare


  1. Send me your pic in bra
  2. Send me your nude Picture
  3. Send me a picture in shorts
  4. Send me what you are doing
  5. Seduce me to do something

Select any of these books:







📓: You love me so Much📘 : Timepass

📙 : Tag me in Instagram Caption

📒 : You Are Hiding Something From Me

📗 : You are addicted to me

📔 : You hate me

Chose any number between 1-10. Reply fast


  1. Send me your picture without any shirt
  2. Send me your picture in the toilet
  3. Tell me the brand of your undergarments
  4. Send me a kiss
  5. Tell me something that you do not want to tell me
  6. What is the biggest secret of your life
  7. Change your Dp with my picture
  8. Tell me how much you love me
  9. Give a missed call to your EX
  10. Name of person that can take my place in the future

Chose any smiley from the following and ready for the dare😜🤣😅🙁😃😎🤨

😜: Tell me, the first person, you kiss

🤣: Recharge me of 198 rupees

😅:  Send my your deepest picture

🙁: Send me something special

😃: Send me a kissing video

😎: Tell me your deepest secret

🤨: Something you want to hide from me

Best Dare Messages for Friends

Chose any alphabet from A-Z and ready for dare

A Tell me your biggest secret
B Make your status I love you
C Do a recharge of 100 rupees
D What kind of relationship you expect from me
E Have you ever sex with a boy/girl
F Treat me a dinner
G Next time you meet a hug me so tight until I did not say to leave
H Share your secret with me
I The best thing You like about me
J Thing you don’t like me
K Rate me in looks 1-10
L Treat me a party
M Make my pic dp for next 24 hours
N One bad thing you say to anyone about me
O Your biggest mistake of life
P Your biggest hater name
Q Do you love Sex
R Have you ever purpose a Girl/Boy
S For which thing you have insulted most
T Last time when you abuse someone
U Last time when you got angry
v Last time when you weep
W You have to do anything that is not caught by anyone
X Tell me your crush name
Y Tell what you feel when you first time met me
Z Call to your ex and abuse Him/her

Select an option from the following and I will tell you who I’m for you

  • Chocolate
  • Burger
  • Pizza
  • Chicken
  • Cigarette
  • Chips


chocolate: You love me

Burger: TimePass

Pizza: You like me

Chicken: You really need me

Cigarette: You are addicted to me

Chips: I’m nothing for you

Select any one from the below and I will show you who you are.


0000 Honest lover😘😘😘1111 Caring person😄😄😄

2222 Silent killer😋😋😋

3333 Smart😎😎😎

4444 Hard worker😇😇😇

5555 Intelligent😛😛😛

6666 Playboy😋😋😋😋

7777 Sweetest person😍😍😍

8888 Cheater😷😷😷

9999 Loyal😊😊😊

5 cities is hidden in the below clue. Decode them and tell the names of all the cities.a.????®????








i. ❤li

j.???? ????












i. Delhi






Choose one and I will tell you about your personality
1.Blue Sea
2.Black Universe
5.White cloud

1. Blue Sea = calm
2.Black Universe = Devil
3.Sunset = Charming
4.Grass = Beautiful
5.White cloud= Emotional

Select your favorite color and get ready for the dare.

Red: Send me your Dad/Mom Number
Blue: Go for a long drive with me on your car😛😛😛
Green: Buy new clothes for me.😋😋😋
Yellow: Give me an ice cream treat.🍧🍧🍧
Purple: Backbite that you did about me to anyone else
Black: Send me your worst picture.😝😝😝
White: Pay for my shopping bills.😎😎😎
Pink: Hug me whenever you meet.😉😉😉😉
Orange: Give me Cadbury silk.🍫🍫🍫
Brown: Call me every morning.📞📞📞
Gray: Give me a big party when we meet next time🍟🍕🍔🌭🍪
Gold: Plan a surprise for my birthday.🥂🎂🍨
Silver: Present me my favorite dress.👗
Violet: Make a video call right now.📱📲
Beige: Send me audio saying that you love me.📼

Choose one from 1 to 22 and I’ll call you by that name.

1. Baby
2. Gandhi
3. My love
4. Darling
5. Dhakkan
6. Dear
7. Idiot
8. Jaanu
9. Sweetheart
10. Janeman
11. My love
12. Crazy
13. Monkey
14. idiot
15. Honey
16. Beautiful
17. Tubelight18. Sweetheart
19. Tubelight
20. Donkey
21. stupid
22. Sweety

Whatsapp Status Dare

1. I am transferring to Bihar.
2. Finally going to Chennai forever
3. Leaving Tamilnadu for 3yrs
4. I hate everyone
5. On dieting
6. My birthday party tomorrow
7. Heart Broken, advise, please!
8. I am leaving my house
9. Don’t msg me ever.
10. Going to Coimbatore for three months for new job training
11. Going on a trip with friends for 2 days
12. Baby! please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you
13.finally I resigned from my job.
14. Finally got a queen

The choice is mine… Whichever I say u have to post 😅😂🤣.
#WARNING: Don’t put your status in privacy, keep it visible to all.🙂

Whatsapp Images Dare

whatsapp image dare

Download Image


1 woman + 9 children=10

Out of them, 5 are boys


Download Image






cricket dare


1st Ball 4 Run

2nd Ball 2 run and Try to Run Third Run and First Player Run Out. So Strike Change.

3rd Player 6 Run Both Batsman created 100 Runs


1st Ball 6 Run

2nd Ball catch out on Cover Drive & Strike Changed

3rd Ball 6 Run by the second batsman


I hope you will like these whatsapp dares. If you have any query or you want whatsapp dare on something special topic then let me know by comments I will happy to help you.

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