WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download 2019

From Past two years whatsapp moded version is in the trending. A lot of people shift from original whatsapp to moded versions like whatsapp plus, gb whatsapp, etc.

The reason is more features and better control over privacy.  On an average 45000 thousand people are searching for whatsapp plus keyword every single day.

Now question is

What is whatsapp plus?

Whatsapp plus is whatsapp app but it comes with more features that original whatsapp does not have. Features like saving status, message schedule, auto-reply features that you will never get in original whatsapp.

Is it still working in 2019?

Yes, Version provided by opentechinfo is still working we don’t know about other websites.

whatsapp plus comes with a lot of features that really blow your mind or never suppose about them. These features you will never get in the original version.

You will find that a lot of people start using the plus version because of its features. This is the moded version that’s why you will never it this on the Google play store. Make sure you download it from our website because it is safe.

App NameWhatsapp Plus
Android Version Required4.0
Modded Byopentechinfo

Table of contents

Download Link & Installation

Features: Reason to Install this app

Best alternative




Its installation is not easy. Most users complain that it App is not installed because The package appears to be corrupt.

So Make sure you follow given steps.

  1. Uninstall your original App because package name is same so you will not able to install the app if you did not uninstall original whatsapp app.
  2. Download it whatsapp plus. Don’t worry it is safe for use.
  3. I hope you have permission to install an app from an unknown source.  When the download is complete then it open it for installation
  4. It will start the installation process and within seconds the app will be installed on your phone.

Whatsapp Plus Features: Reason to use it

WhatsApp Plus provides really-really great features. There are numbers of features are available in WhatsApp plus Which attract users to use it, like- Group Video Calling, Downloading Friend’s status videos or images, Hiding online status, Hiding typing status and many more.

We promise to explore most of the features provided by WhatsApp Plus. Be with us and enjoy the complete article.

Let’s get started with the most impressive features of WhatsApp Plus.

Can you guess, What is it? No? Okay, Let us tell you.

I think, Hiding online status, saving the status of friends, viewing the status of friends without letting them know some most impressive features in WhatsApp Plus.

But, It is our personal opinion, and you may disagree with us because WhatsApp Plus has many more awesome features that can be useful for you.

Type of features in WhatsApp Plus

Mainly, There are two types of features are provided by WhatsApp Plus. We will discuss all feature available in WhatsApp Plus one by one.

  1. Privacy Features
  2. Sharing Features
  3. other features

1. Privacy Features in WhatsApp Plus

Nowadays, Privacy has become a significant thing for an individual, and WhatsApp Plus take cares of it. It provides excellent privacy features for its users.

privacy settings

Do you know how to open privacy settings? No?

If you don’t know then Okay, No Problem, We are here to teach you.

Step 1: Click on three dots on the top right corner of the application.

Step 2: When you click on three dots you will get a drop-down menu bar. Here, Tap on “Privacy.”

Step 3: Now you have got your privacy setting, just like Image below.

Now Let’s talk about privacy features one by one.

Blue Tick: I know you can hide blue ticks with one click  Open Menu→Privacy→Hide Blue Tick. Here is the screenshot. You can further customize this blue tick either you can want to hide it for contacts or Group. It is up to you.hide blue tick

Second Tick:  we can find blue ticks on stock version but can’t hide Double tick. Using this app you can hide double tick with one click.   Open Menu→Privacy→Second Tick

Hide online Status: Hiding Online Status is an impressive feature for the people who has a busy schedule and also for the boys and girls who are in a serious relationship.

How to hide online status?

Click on three dots–>Privacy–>Hide Online Status

hide online status

Hide Writting status: While you’re having a chat with someone when you type your text message in the text box WhatsApp Show “Typing/Writing Status, You can always turn it off using WhatsApp Plus.

How to do It?

Click on three dots at the top right corner–>Privacy—>Writing Status—> Hide it for contacts/Hide it for groups.

hide blue tick

Hide Recording status: While having a big convention with friends or family, people love to record a voice note and send it to the person chatting you’re with.


While driving people can not write a text message; instead, they love to send a voice note. In such case when they record the note, the status becomes “recording…” this recording status can be hidden easily in WhatsApp plus.

Do It by- Tapping on the triple dots at the top right corner–>Privacy–>Recording –>Hide for contacts/Hide for groups.

download whatsapp plus

Hide Blue Microphone: You can hide Blue Microphone when opened voice messages for Contact and Groups. Follow the steps below-

Click on three dots–>Privacy–>Blue Microphone–> Hide for Contacts/Hide For Group

Hide View Status: When you view your friend’s status then there is a feature in WhatsApp that lets the Status uploader know that who have watched or viewed unloaded status.

If you want to hide the view status follow the steps below-

Click on three dots–>Privacy–>Hide View Status

Enable Anti Revoke: This is one of the best feature ever available in WhatsApp Plus. You can read messages that are already deleted by your friends, just by enabling Anti Revoke.

How to turn it on?

The process is the same as enabling other privacy features-

Click on three dots–>Privacy–>Enable Anti-Revoke

2. Sharing Features in WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus comes with many excellent media sharing features. These sharing features are very useful for everyone from a common WhatsApp Plus user to someone professional who use WhatsApp for business purposes.

Download Status: Using WhatsApp Plus messenger you can easily download WhatsApp Status uploaded by your friends. Isn’t it cool feature?

Usually, What happens is that when someone uploads a good WhatsApp status, others start asking for the file so that they can also upload the same status. Now, No need to ask someone for the file just you can download uploaded status so easily by using WhatsApp plus.

How to download Status?

Step 1: View that status that you want to download

step 2: Click on three dots at the top corner of the status

Step 3: When you click on three dots and two buttons will get appear Mute and Download.

Step 4: Click on the download buttondownload online status

Media Sharing Features & Settings: Let’s talk about Media Sharing Features and Settings. In the section of media sharing features and setting we get lots of options to turn on some great and cool features in WhatsApp Plus.

How To Change Media Sharing Setting

Follow the steps:

Step 1: Click on three dots at the top right Corner

Step 2: Now Click on Plus Settings

Step 3: Scroll download till the Settings [Section]

whatsapp plus settings

  1. Conversation screen- You can change the look of the conversation screen by changing Header Color, Chat Color, etc.,
  2. Main/Chat Screen- In WhatsApp Plus you can change the colors of WhatsApp Plus chat screen, call screen, contact screen, etc.,
  3. Popup Notification- You can also customize the look of the popup Notification.
  4. Widgets- You can customize widgets in WhatsApp Plus.
  5. Media Sharing- Now This is one of the most Important features of WhatsApp Plus APK.  In media Sharing setting you can increase the limit of upload size of audio and videos, Can improve images quality and you can also increase Video limit up to 7 minutes.
  6. Other MODS- In other mods setting, you get lots of settings like changing notification bar Icon, Launcher Icon, Always Online, Backup data, extended notification, etc.,
  7. Lock-In this section; you get the option to set the password for your WhatsApp Plus application.
  8. Clean files- In this section, you get options to delete media cache, logs, theme cache, and old backups.
  9. Open Log- To get log details open log setting is there.
  10. Language- In language setting, you can change the language for the WhatsApp Plus application.
  11. Fonts- If you want to change font style then font setting is for you.
  12. Back up- if you want to take the backup of your chats and setting then back up option is there for you.

Auto Reply Message in WhatsApp Plus: You may have seen autopilot cars and planes in movies. right? Here on WhatsApp Plus, you get a great automated system just like autopilot in cars and planes, It’s called Auto Reply

Message. As in autopilot cars, there is no need for a driver, the car will drive itself. In WhatsApp plus, the messenger doesn’t need you, It will send a message itself.

What if I told this app will automatically reply when someone will send a particular messageFor example when someone sends you hi then it will automatically reply Hey. Open  Menu→Plus settings→Auto Reply Message

First of all, turn on auto-reply then click on the + button.auto reply message

If you want to automatically reply to all messages then remain it to all otherwise you can change it.
Then type your auto-reply message, delay in seconds, select Receiver Select time and click on Add.auto reply message

That’s it,  you did it.

Theme Features in WhatsApp Plus: WhatsApp Plus gives you an option to choose the best theme from available 1000+ on its theme store.

How to change the theme on WhatsApp Plus?

Step 1: Click on three dots again.

Step 2: Now Click on plus Settings.

Step 3: Scroll down until you get to the theme section.

Step 4: Click on themes under the section, and you will get a library of themes.

whatsapp plus themes

3. Other useful features

Message Scheduler: You can schedule your message. Gbwhatsapp will automatically send a message at a given time. It is very simple.

It can be very useful for sending birthday wishes, festival, etc.

Open  Menu→Message Scheduler then tap on the + symbol as shown in the screenshot.Message scheduler

Select contact by taping on it.selecting contact

After selecting a particular contact, the app will ask you Message, Start Date, Time then click on Schedule button.Gb whatsapp Download 2019 Apk Latest Version 6.85 (official) 1

If you schedule message successfully. You will see something like this.Gb whatsapp Download 2019 Apk Latest Version 6.85 (official) 2 While scheduling message makes sure you have the working internet connection.

Hide Chat: Hiding chat through gbwhatsapp is awesome.

Select chat then clicks on Hide button as shown in the screenshot.Gb whatsapp Download 2019 Apk Latest Version 6.85 (official) 3

it will ask you to draw a pattern two times then choose the second password.Gb whatsapp Download 2019 Apk Latest Version 6.85 (official) 4

After this, you can view the hidden chat by clicking on Whatsapp text. To open hidden chat you need to draw your pattern.Gb whatsapp Download 2019 Apk Latest Version 6.85 (official) 5

Translation: If you are chatting with someone who talks in his native language then you can use the translate option. It is super easy. Sometimes it works sometimes not. 

Just select that message then from menu tap on translate then select your language from given languages.tranlater chat

Best Alternative

The most common reason to not install this app it that you have to uninstall original app. Because both have the same package name. In that case, you can use its alternative.

Here are some best alternative that you can consider using

Fm Whatsapp: This is new what it keeps getting famous day by day. There are all plus features available in FM whatsapp.

Gbwhatsapp: One of the most famous moded version of whatsapp today is gb whatsapp.

Yo whatsapp: This is the second most famous version you can also consider using it too. Although there are some features are missing like auto-reply but still, it has a lot of features available which makes it whatsapp plus alternative


Is it safe to use?

If you are doing a  military job or you are a millionaire then don’t use the job. For a normal person, it is safe

Does it available for Ios?

No, not even in the future.

Can I keep Both WhatsApp Plus and original App?

No, you can’t

Why it is not available in the play store?

This is not the original app it is developed by some third party person. So Due to copyright, this is not available in the Google play store

Can I use it on Pc?

Can you whatsapp on pc? If yes then you can use plus version too.

How can I update this?

Inside the app, there is an update option available.

How can I remove duplicate files?

Using whatsapp+ clear you can remove duplicate files

Is there any way of adding stickers?

Yes, Using sticker Plus apk you can add stickers


I hope you will like this article and successfully downloaded whatsapp plus for your android device. No doubt this is an amazing app. If you have any suggestion then you can leave the comment section.

WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download 2019
WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Download 2019 1

From Past two years whatsapp moded version is in the trending. A lot of people shift from original whatsapp to moded versions like whatsapp plus, gb whatsapp, etc.

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