30 Whatsapp tricks, Hacks that are better than 100

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Are you bore by reading WhatsApp tricks again and again.

Or you are looking for some fantastic features of WhatsApp.

Then this post is for you. I have listed best WhatsApp tricks read one by one.

whatsapp tricks

IT is the best message app for all mobile OS like Android, ios, Nokia, etc. I have tested these tricks on Android so that these methods will best work on the Android Smartphone (not all).

If you face any problem with these tips, then comment I will solve your issue.

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Best whatsapp Dares

How to Hack Whatsapp account: (send the virus via WhatsApp)

  1. Send Sticker
    With the help of the new beta update, you can send stickers. Make sure you join the whatsapp beta program and download the latest update. After that, you will get the option of Sending stickers as shown in the screenshot.whatsapp stickers
  2. Sending animated emoji
    There is only one emoji (red heart) which is like a flash as given in screenshot and it will only work when you send heart icon only.flash emoji
  3. Manage privacy settings The company takes care of user privacy. Recently company applies encryption. All basic privacy settings are controlled by settings→Account→ privacy here is the full list of all privacy settings.
    Read recipient: it is blue tick show your friend to that you read his/her message. By default,  it is tick mean everybody will know if you read his message. Off curse, you can’t find other side person read your message or not. For this untick Read receipts as shown in below screenshot.
    Hide last seen:  want to chat with the second girlfriend and don’t want to inform the first of hide your last seen. Follow the screenshot steps. Again you can’t find another person last seen.
    Profile photo visible: Especially girls who don’t like someone see his/her photos can hide pictures to shown other there are three options 1. Only me 2. My contact( saved contacts on your phone and using WhatsApp) 3. Anyone.privacy settings in whatsapp
  4. View video status without letting them know: If you want to view someone status without letting them know that you have viewed their status then download and use yowhatsapp. Open Menu→YoMods→Privacy and tick Show blue tick after reply under the Privacy section. Here tick Hide View status as shown in the screenshot.hide status
  5. Anti-Delete Messages If you have viewed above screenshot carefully then you note we have an anti-delete option. Company recently adds new feature delete the message after sending.  ( I send a porn video in group I wish whatsapp introduced that feature on that time ). If you want that nobody well able to delete the message after sending then turns it on.
  6. Send messages to yourself
    Do you think this is crazy to send a message to me but not, in reality, here are some benefits.

    1. You can save a significant message, video, photo or any other data.
    2. You can see your own DP (Display profile) but without status.
    3. Transfer data between the computer and mobile phone.

    How to chat: 

    • First of all, save your mobile number anywhere phone, email, sim, etc. save your number
    • Now turn on your internet connection.
    • After that open whatsapp→contacts and refresh your contacts once it refreshed it will sync data from your recently saved number which you saved in the first step.
    • You will not find yourself in WhatsApp contacts so open contacts app and open your contact which you saved in the first step.
    • As you can see in the screenshot below, the number has WhatsApp option for the message Click on it.whatsapp chat option

    If no option doesn’t worry than click on message icon and chose WhatsApp messenger.

  7. Hide a chat (not delete)
    There is an option for an archived chat which moves the chat to in archived section nobody scroll down to see chatsarchive chat
  8. Delete an already send the message
    I know you already know about this trick but I suppose a few of you don’t know about it. Anyway, you can apply this trick only after minutes of sending the message. After sending message select message and tap on delete icon and select delete for everyone as shown in the in the screenshot.delete for everyone
  9. Send a blank message or put blank status
    This is the special characters just copy paste and send to your friend or put in status. Here is  the screenshotblank message whatsapp tricks Copy this character it is between “” quotes”            “
  10. Make Your own Whatsapp stickers<
    Watch this video

    Apps that you need
    👉Whatsapp Beta Version Download Link:- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Pq89… 👉Make Your Own Animated Gif for WhatsApp:- https://youtu.be/NrZWWq1UsRw
  11. Read someone’s message 
    Using email chat you can read all the message of a person without informing her.

    • Open your enemy WhatsApp app
    • Open chat which you want to know
    • Click on menu select more and choose email chat

    email chat

  12. Message to person by mentioning his/her name in the group 
    In the groups, there can be 256 persons it is difficult to message or chat with the one person but you can mention his name by typing @. It is the same as we mention the name on facebook. name mention in group.
  13. Save someone’s status
    I’m talking about video status. Actually, when you watch it it will be saved automatically to your phone.
    Open the file manager and select show hidden file from Toggle menu.
    After doing this browse this path
    File Manager→Whatsapp→Media→.stautus.
    Here will be recently watched status. Copy that particular status to anywhere else if you want to save it permanently.
  14. Mark important Message as Starred And View It Later
    sometimes people sends us something that we want to store. Generally, we take the screenshot at that time. But you can save it using the start option. select that particular message and click on start. From the toggle menu, you check at any time.starred message to save a message
  15. Use dual WhatsApp
    Dual WhatsApp on a single phone is an easy process. Install parallel space( size: 1.72 MB)  application from play store using this app and you can also use the dual account of any other app like hike, we chat, facebook etc.
    Here is process how to use parallel space open it and click on clone button after that select WhatsApp choose to Add to parallel space now it will make an icon of WhatsApp where you can two accounts.use dual wharsapp with parallel space
  16. Restore deleted media files
    Sometimes we delete some WhatsApp without backup. Message backup will automatically save in database folder and you can manually backup at any time but using following steps you can also recover media filesrestore deleted media files
    For photos go to whastapp→Media→Whatsapp images→sent same for video Media→Whatsapp video→sent These are only those which send by yourself.
  17. Automatically reply to your friends
    To use this feature you have to root your phone after rooting You can automatically reply to your contacts and groups with the help of AutoResponder for WhatsApp (download now) app. In the free version, you can set only three messages person.automatic reply using WA Boot lite If you Don’t want to root your phone then here are some more apps like Auto-reply for whatsapp
  18. Use popup header like the messenger
    For this trick, you have to change some settings on your android phone go to WhatsApp settings→notifications and change popup notification to only when screen is “on”.whatspp tricks: reply message without opening lock screenHere is how message appearswhatsapp popup feature you know what is the meaning of this message please let me know by comments 🙂
  19. Move whatsapp to sd card.
    Some Android phones haven’t function of moving downloaded apps to sd card. If your phone has low ram mean you want to move WhatsApp to SD card. following given steps to do this.

    • Root your phone
    • Install system app remover(root) from play store
    • Open it go to Move to sd card and select your appsMove whatsapp to SD cardUsing this app you can also delete system apps.
  20. Edit your photos and videos
    This is really hidden trick but you have only 2-3 features to edit photos and videos given the blow

    • Crop your photos
    • Rotate your photos
    • In video editing, you can just cut your videosphoto and videos editing by whatsapp
  21. Send fake location
    If you want to bypass your girlfriend doubt then you can send her your fake location. Install VPN-like hotspot shield and enable it then send your location. Your location will fake it will depend on which country you are connected.
  22. Hide photos videos from gallery 
    Sometimes our all pictures and video are not good to show someone or in or we want to hide all the content from the gallery. For this just rename your photo and video folder place. Before starting the name e.x. .whatsapp Images To gain images again chose menu in the file manager and click on show hidden folders. you can also hide photos using Private Photo Vault app.
  23. Compress photo and videos
    This is one of my favorite tricks Maybe you don’t know but this app compress photos and videos for better speed here I also add a proof of this to use this feature you have to dual-use dual WhatsApp using parallel space.

    • Send photo videos from one number to another
    • Download it from the second account
    • Your task complete, see the size of the photo as given in screenshot I send 223 kb image which will become to 85 kb after sending

    proof of compress image

    Note: If you don’t want to use dual WhatsApp then send it to your friend and say him to send you again.

  24. Read all message at once
    Mainly in India where people make many groups just for sending entertainment videos, photos etc. In that case, you can read all messages at once using the mark as read option. Select your chats open menu from the sidebar to go to more and choose mark as read option.mark as read.
  25. Uninstall and re-install with one click
    If you buy an old phone where is already a WhatsApp installed of your friend and you can want to use it own number but not enough data pack in this situation follow given stepsOpen system settings→apps→whatsapp and click on clear datareinstall with one click
  26. Unlock protected by password and pattern
    If your friend protect his account with password or lock and you want to read his message don’t worry try the following procedure

    • The method is like the above-given method but you have to know the name of the app that is used for protecting WhatsApp. Generally, people use app lock to lock apps.
    • Go to settings→apps→app lock and click on clear data
  27. Change Name and icon
    Using icon changer free you can change Name and icon of any app. It will allow you design icon, change icon and name of the app as given in screenshot. You can also change name using nova launcher. Icon change make a duplicate app for this while nova launcher can really change icon.change whatsapp icon
  28. Use WhatsApp, messenger, we chat etc in one app
    Using computer (any operating system ) you can use Whatsapp, Skype,  we chat, Google Hangouts, Facebook messenger, ICQ, Stream, Slack, Hipchat, Telegram, Chatwork, Groupme, Gitter, Grape, Discord, Flowduck, Yahoo messenger, Tencent QQ, XMPP (Jabber), WIRE, Matter most, Rocket.chat, DingTalk, Dasher, Noysi, BearyChat, Missive, Zalo, Crisp, Flock simultaneously. All in one messenger  (size: 1.3 MB) Chrome extension help use in one messenger app.all in one messenger app
    Using Franz size 64 MB a software available for all operating system also makes easy to use this messenger in one software. This app is available for all operating system mean Window, Linux, MacOS.franz software app to use whatsapp, wechat, skyke in one place
  29. Clear all WhatsApp messages at once
    Is your WhatsApp slow or you want to hide some message by deleting? if yes follow this method to delete all WhatsApp message with one click  open WhatsApp settings→Chats→Chat history and delete all message at onceclear/delete all whatsapp chats/message with one click
  30. Message to block contacts
    • Run dual WhatsApp
    • Make the group with your number and person who block you
    • Now you can message him/her.
      With the help of parallel space which allows you run 2 WhatsApp accounts, you can message to any number here is the procedure
  31. Type in Bold, Strikethrough, and italic
    This is a very cool feature by the company for heightening important line.

    • For  Typing in bold type content between in **, for example, *opentechinfo*
    • To use Italic font add ”_” around the content, for example, _opentechinfo_
    • For typing in Strikethrough add  ”~” around the content, for example, ~opentechinfo~

    type in bold, italic and in strikthrough

  32. Use WhatsApp on Bluetooth
    There are two ways to use WhatsApp on Bluetooth.

    • By Bluemess -Bluetooth messenger: Basically this is an app for sending the message by Bluetooth
    • By sharing the internet through Bluetooth here is simple to share your  connection through Bluetooth turn on Bluetooth after that go to system settings→More→Tethering & portable hotspot and enable Bluetooth tethering on both device and pair with each other now turn connection from 1st phone and on 2nd phone go to Bluetooth choose device and click on internet access as shown in screenshot whatsapp on Bluetooth by sharing internet connection
Tricks that are working not more

There are some tricks that I read on the internet but not working given the blow.

Prank someone by a message In past few years, a message looks like and when you send it to someone WhatsApp will automatically close. Now Company fixed this feature on his next app version.

Create a fake chat Due to updates now WhatsApp interface is changed so this trick also working not more but you can create fake chat of a previous looking version with the help of whatsfake or yazzy.

Reading someone message by copying database folder Seriously too many bloggers posting hack WhatsApp by copying the files of database folder but I have tried this trick and it is not working. When we change number company detects this and you can’t restore message although there will option for restoring message but you can’t.

Use WhatsApp free for the lifetime: Now WhatsApp is completely free. There are no charges.  So no need of this trick.

Hide photo and videos When we install Whatsapp it makes some folders in file manager some of these folders are not shown photos videos in the gallery. So you can hide photos or videos using these folders. Move your photos videos to given folder to hide from the gallery.
Whatsapp→Profile picture (New version does not create any Profile picture folder so you can’t hide photos and videos)

Hope you enjoy these WhatsApp tricks if you have any problem with any trick please comment here I will help you.

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