How to open multiple facebook accounts in one browser

 Online accounts are most important part of our life Sometimes we want to open two facebooks accounts but don’t know how to here I am posting how to open multiple facebook accounts same time in one browser .  No matter if you want to open any other accounts like Gmail, twitter, Pinterest,  Instagram, etc.

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Many browsers have new incognito tab where you can log in 2 accounts if not then you can use proxy websites.

How to open multiple accounts in one browser

Using a proxy website:
Proxy site is the best method to open multiple accounts online. Just type URL of any other site and you were done. This method works in all type of browser. Open your browser and type any proxy site like and enter URL of the site which you want to open like and you can see you are able to open multiple accounts.
List of proxy websites
  1. Unlock My Web –
  2. Proxy Site –
  3. Hide My Ass –
  4. Free YouTube Proxy –
  5. Unblocker –
  6. Fast USA Proxy – 
  7. New IP Now –
  8. Anonymouse –
  9. Hidden Digital Info –
  10. K Proxy –
  11. Don’t Filter –
  12. Prox Me Call Me Names –
Open two accounts in Google chrome:
Google chrome has Go incognito feature has gives you facility browsing anonymously to use this feature open Google chrome and click on option nearby to minimize icon as given screenshot and click on Go incognito on clicking it a new tab will open here you can open your second account. You can also open incognito by pressing ctrl+shift+n
open incognito tab in google chrome
Using opera mini:

Download opera mini(new) link here

follow given steps

  1. Open
  2. Login your first accountfacebook login page
  • Now hold home button as given screenshot and click on open in private tabclick on open in private tab
  • it will open the new tab of facebook login page
  • Login your 2nd facebook account simply

Using UC browser: Process in UC is also same as in opera. First of all, login first account simple. After that, Open UC has also inbuilt incognito feature open UC menu and tap on the incognito button. On clicking on it will show you a message incognito is on. In this you can login open second idincognito feature in uc browser to open two accounts of facebook, gmail, twitter etc

In Mozilla firefox: follow the given methods to open incognito in firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
  2. On the top right-hand corner, you should see the and Mozilla Firefox menu icon. Click on the menu icon (the icon with three horizontal lines) and the Mozilla Firefox menu should appear right below the icon.
  3. In the menu, click on the ‘New Private Window’ tab.
  4. Start browsing in Private Mode.

4 thoughts on “How to open multiple facebook accounts in one browser”

  1. You can log into two accounts in multiple ways:
    1.Open Google Chrome and log in. And then also open incognito tab and log in with a different login id.
    2.If you have two browsers, then you can use different browsers for different log in ids.

  2. You can install the opera mini browser on your smartphone. Log in to your facebook account there. Then open a private incognito tab and then log in to the different account.


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