How to Hack Instagram Account: Ultimate Guide

Ok, you want to Hack Instagram account. You already visit some websites to hack Instagram but no results.

Actually, you can’t hack an Instagram account automatically. This is not possible. To hack accounts you need a lot of patience and some practice.

If you read this article till the end you will understand how Hackers hack the Instagram account. In real Hacking, You have to play common mind tricks with technology

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If you do some search on Instagram Hacking. Then you will definitely visit websites/apps that claim that hack Instagram account in seconds etc.

In this article, I decided to Test a website to show you that you can’t hack Instagram Account Automatically

Here is the Screenshot
how to hack instagram account

Here are the results. This account cannot be hacked by Instahax0r.
fake websites claim hack instagram account

Here are the Real ways.

Using phishing: It is an old way but still working

Phishing is a very famous way to hack online accounts. In this hacker create a fake login page which looks like original login page.

When anyone signs in this page I mean enter login username & Password and click on Log In. His username & password stores in File and person redirected to another website.

Here is an example of Instagram phishing

hack instagram account

Looks Like Original webpage but it is fake (check the URL).

How to create Instagram phishing.

Open and create a new account then login to your account

Here is how to when you log in to your account.


Scroll down and click on page 3instagram phishing

Here on page 3. Number 35 click on Instagram English and ctrl+c to copy this link.  how to hack instagram account using phishing

open New tab press ctrl+v to paste the link and press enter. It will open a page like this.

hack instagram account

If anyone will log in here  You can see passwords by log in your account in z-shadow then click on My victim.

Capture username and password by phishing

How easy it is: You just need to send a link to your victim if your victim login you will get his/her password.

Bonus Tip: Some user complains that when they send a link to victim Instagram detect. A simple solution to this Use TinyURL to short your url.

Some users use Facebook for Instagram login so using this page you can also make Facebook fake login page.

By keylogger or spy apps

Another very awesome way to Hack Instagram account.

Basically, keylogger is special software or app that record very keyboard activity means every character victim type and save these results in a file.

So when your victim login to his/her account. It will save username and password.

In this, you have to install software in your victim computer

For the computer, you can use keylogger ardamax

For Android/iPhone, I recommend you using ikeymonitor.

It will record everything and you did need any physical access to the device again and again. It will send results online.

For this go to ikeymonitor and signup for a new account. This is a paid keylogger but you can use it free for 3 dayssignup-for-account


After signup check your email account. You will receive a mail from ikeymonitor like from ikeymonitor

Open ikeymonitor and log in with your account. When you log in you will see this popup

choosing operating systenm

I’m using an android so I will choose android. On the Confirm page choosing anything from the first two options. I will choose the first option.

confirm page

After that, It will show you an app download download link

Download this and install in your victim phone. Installation is very simple It will ask for the license key that you receive in your mailbox. In any case, you don’t know how to log in then use this link for help

After successful installation, you can receive logs online. I just open my WhatsApp and type some random words here are captured keystrokes

So not only Instagram you can capture and other apps data too.

Tip: If you want to only password then uninstall then install the Instagram app on your victim phone. It will log out the Instagram account ( or clear data app)

Social engineering skills

Not only Instagram hacking social engineering skills do 50% work in real-world Hacking.

Basically, social engineering is understanding your victim behavior.  I mean a lot of guys set password his name, mobile number of girlfriend name.

A lot of guys think no I need to Guss the password. No, It’s not that. In the first method, you have created a phishing link.

How will you convey the victim to log in his/her account? Here social engineering plays a role. I mean you can send a message you will get a free recharge etc.

I hope you understand what I want to say.

One more example

Do you know you can spoof calls? I mean you can change the number to anything. You can even call someone by his own number. Yes, this is possible.

This website spoofcard works very well for spoofing calls. But it is paid and illegal in many countries like India.

I hope you understand what is social engineering skills actually.

By Hacking facebook account

Most of you open linked the Instagram account with Facebook. If you hack that person facebook account you can easily open his/her Instagram account.

Facebook account Hacking is similar to the Instagram account I have already published an article on how to hack Facebook account.

Creating Fake Instagram App

You already read about creating a fake login page. So Why not you create a fake Instagram app like the original one. For this, you need to learn android application development and it is not easy to Learn

You do only if you know that your victim will log in in the fake app.


I hope you have learned something new from this article. if you have any problem let me know by comments I will happy to help you. But I can’t hack a facebook account for you.

Before publishing this article  I read an article on how to hack Instagram using brute force attack.

Believe me guys it will not work. Technology updates every day.

Instagram is a very big company how takes its user seriously. So don’t waste your time on outdated things.

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How to Hack Instagram Account: Ultimate Guide
How to Hack Instagram Account: Ultimate Guide 1

Ok, you want to Hack Instagram account. You already visit some websites to hack Instagram but no results.

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